[2 formas] Importar contactos de Google a iPhone – Guía 2022

There seems to be a quick answer: synchronize gmail contacts with iphone. but we all know that problems can happen:

❌ I can’t synchronize google contacts with iphone ❌ all gmail contacts are not saved on iphone

and everything that google offers you doesn’t help? don’t worry! we have a solution for you.

transfer contacts from gmail to iphone

Do you have google contacts and don’t know how to import google contacts to an iphone? the simplest is to use copytrans contacts.

It has never been so easy to import gmail iphone contacts! in this article we show you how to do it, just follow the simple steps.

you can choose:

  • import contacts: from gmail to iphone
  • import contacts from gmail: to icloud

import contacts gmail iphone

  1. first, connect to your gmail account and you can view gmail contacts.

    Contactos de tu cuenta de Gmail

    Second, click export, select vcard format and click export.

    Exportar contactos de Gmail a iPhone

    then save the file called contacts.vcf on your pc. this file contains all your gmail contacts.

    Abrir archivos VCF en tu ordenador

    then now you can synchronize google contacts with iphone. download copytrans contacts:

    now install and start copytrans contacts. connect your iphone.

    In the main window, click import contacts.

    Importar Contactos a tu iPhone

    From the window that appears, choose from a file.

    Importar contactos a iPhone de un archivo

    Finally, select the file in the .vcf format and press open.

    That’s it! your google contacts are imported to the iphone.

    sync gmail contacts

    youtube guide

    if you don’t like your itunes experience, there is always an alternative. take a look at copytrans programs: they can do as much as itunes, and even more.

    import gmail contacts

    a cloud

    1. download copytrans contacts and install it.

      first of all, run copytrans contacts on your pc and connect your iphone.

      secondly, to connect your icloud and gmail account to copytrans contacts, click more on the top right and select cloud settings.

      Ajustes de la nube en CopyTrans Contacts

      thirdly, click + new connection and then choose gmail.

      Nueva conexión a Gmail en CopyTrans Contacts

      enter your gmail account (make sure the box next to “contacts” is checked), then click add account.

      Añadir Contacto Gmail desde PC

      Now, to connect the icloud account, you have to choose + new connection again and then icloud.

      Nueva conexión a iCloud de CopyTrans Contacts

      enter your icloud account (don’t forget to check the box next to “contacts”) and select add account.

      Cuenta de iCloud en CopyTrans Contacts

      then you can see your gmail and icloud contacts in the main window of copytrans contacts program. gmail contacts will be marked with a small envelope icon, while icloud contacts will be marked with a small cloud icon.

      Icono de sobre para contactos de Gmail

      To copy contacts from gmail to icloud, right click and select copy to…. then select the icloud account.

      Copiar a iCloud en CopyTrans Contacts

      finally, if you don’t want gmail contacts to have appeared in copytranscontacts, navigate to more > cloud settings.

      select the gmail account, uncheck the box next to contacts and click apply. after reset copytrans contacts, you will only see icloud contacts.


      We just showed you how to import contacts from gmail to iphone with a few clicks. with copytrans contacts everything is very fast and secure. no data or contacts are lost. Also, this program has more useful functions for iphone owners.

      download copytrans contacts

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