City Carrier Assistant Job Description [Updated for 2022]

what does an urban transport assistant do?

Urban Transportation Assistants typically work for the United States Postal Service to deliver mail to residents and businesses within a particular area. they use their knowledge of the area and postal laws to maintain timely and professional mail services. their job is to interact directly with residents on a daily basis and answer questions about the mail services they offer. they also correct addresses on packages or envelopes for residents to receive at their new address. they may also use electronic scanners and other technology to confirm delivered packages and obtain recipient signatures.

urban transportation assistant skills and qualifications

A qualified commuter attendant must be independent and able to work well with others. Carriers require both the ability to stay motivated and efficient while away from the office and an upbeat personality to be friendly with people they meet while completing their delivery route. Other skills and qualifications may include:

  • reliability to consistently make on-time deliveries
  • fitness to walk long routes while carrying a fully loaded suitcase for walking routes
  • strong interpersonal greeting skills customers on the road
  • perseverance, even in the face of extreme weather conditions

salary expectations of the urban transport assistant

The average mail carrier earns $19.10 per hour while delivering. City mover assistant positions are competitive in the field and often also include the opportunity for consistent overtime pay, allowing movers to significantly improve their annual earnings. Salaries may vary based on location, experience, and company needs.

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urban transportation assistant education and training requirements

assisting employers of urban carriers require a high school diploma or equivalent. Employers also typically require applicants to complete a drug screen and criminal background check before beginning the position.

Applicants take a written test to assess their ability to read and sort mail, as well as memorize delivery procedures, along with a physical test to determine their suitability for the position. Individuals seeking a position that requires vehicle delivery must present a valid driver’s license and pass a driving record check.

New movers in town complete on-the-job training, usually within the first month. Some new hires may spend a period shadowing an experienced carrier for first-hand instruction. this allows the new employee to learn tips and tricks that the veteran has learned in their years that make the job more efficient.

urban transportation attendant experience requirements

Although prior experience in a delivery role is a plus for applicants, it is not a requirement for those seeking urban transportation attendant positions. the on-the-job training program is sufficient for inexperienced applicants to learn the job.

job description samples for similar positions

If this isn’t the precise job description sample you’re looking for, here are some similar positions to help guide you:

  • delivery driver
  • mail handler
  • shipping clerk

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