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why does the university use google email? with google apps, students will now have a larger storage space and a set of tools such as email, calendars, sharing of documents, home page and instant messaging, all from your account that will enhance your email experience.

What is Gmail? Gmail is Google’s search-based webmail service that combines the best features of traditional email with Google’s search technology.

what if i already have a gmail account? if you already have a gmail account, that’s fine. you will have another account just for your chapman email.

what is my email address? email addresses will be in the format, where username is the name of your chapman account.

who is eligible to get a panthermail account?

  • all newly admitted and existing students will have a panthermail account created on August 15, 2008, but prior to admission for the fall 2017 semester.
  • students alumni will continue to have a webmail account but will migrate to a panthermail account in the near future.
  • faculty and adjunct staff will continue to have a webmail account but will migrate to a new email system.
  • <full-time staff and also one student will continue to have an exchange account and a webmail account. in the future, the webmail account will be migrated to a new email system.

  • full-time faculty and staff will continue to have an exchange account.

will i be able to keep my email address after i graduate from chapman? yes, your chapman gmail account will continue to work after you graduate.

How much storage space will I have with panthermail? each student will receive 5 gb.

what is the maximum size of a panthermail attachment? panthermail limits the size of the attachment to 20mb, but the recipient’s email system may not allow attachments of this size.

google how-tos? here are links to the google website for help with apps.

  • google app help center
  • gmail help
  • google talk
  • google calendar
  • docs from google
  • google home page

how do i control spam? google has one of the best spam blockers on the market and it’s built right into google apps.

account access

How do I access the new panthermail service?to log in to your panthermail account.

You will be prompted for a username and password on both sites.

for username: your chapman username (for example, smith100)for password: your chapman password

I can’t log in to my panthermail account. how do i reset my password? contact computer service desk at 714-997-6600 or for help signing in to gmail.

how do i forward my panthermail email to another email address? we would like to encourage you to try the panthermail service which includes google chat, docs and calendar but if you want , you can forward incoming mail to another email address.

Here’s how to automatically forward messages:

  1. login to panthermail
  2. click the ‘settings’ link at the top of panthermail.
  3. click the ‘forwarding and pop/imap’ link ‘.
  4. enter the email address you want your messages to be forwarded to.
  5. select the action you want your messages to take from the drop-down menu. We recommend that you choose to save a copy of messages sent to you in your chapman university gmail inbox, or you can choose to automatically send it to all mail or to the trash.
  6. click in ‘save changes’.

Can I use other email clients? yes. see the google website for popup setup instructions. see the google website for imap setup instructions.

How does this new address affect communication via the chapman board? it will still work.

privacy and security

will google read my email? google doesn’t read your email. Google’s privacy policy states that hosted data is not sold or given to third parties, unless the data is subpoenaed in a legal proceeding.

Does chapman or google share my personal information with any outside organization? absolutely not.

is my chapman panthermail account secure and private? the university provides this service as the primary email/collaboration system for students. University policies will apply to the service.

Your chapman panthermail account has been personalized for optimal educational collaboration. chapman university has taken steps to ensure that its student data is protected beyond a publicly available account.

google has signed a contract committing to maintain a strict privacy policy and to always treat your personal information with the utmost care and security. Please note that Google has agreed that Chapman University student data is subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) when in Google’s possession.

How do I make sure my data stays safe when I’m using a shared or public computer? Important: Make sure to always log off from the computer or click the log off button when you are done using the computer or your panthermail account on an account. shared or public computer.

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