How To Change Name On Tinder? Same Way As Age Usia Atau Nama Saya Salah

The most common mistakes made during registration – wrong name and age. Ee will show you how to change the name on Tinder and how to change your age on Tinder. Tinder is one of the most popular and most used dating applications in the world.

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With this application, users can meet people according to the information they provide, such as age, gender, and location.

Yet, how to change your name on Tinder can be a problem if users fill in the wrong name.

Users can meet a variety of people who are compatible with their interests and age groups. However, information wrongly entered during registration may cause problems for users later. The most common mistakes made during registration occur when you’re entering your name or age. With this article, we will show you how to change name on Tinder and how to change age on Tinder.

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Change Name on Tinder


If you signed up on Tinder with your email or phone number, and not with your Facebook account, or if you are unable to find the age change section for any reasons, it implies that there is no age changing feature specified in your account.

Therefore, you have to reset your account and open a new one.

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The steps to do it are provided below:

Firstly, log into your Tinder app using your mobile device.When you open the settings screen on the app, you will see the “Delete Account” option, then tap it.Confirm the delete option and remove the Tinder app from your mobile device.Open your Facebook Account and click the settings button. When you scroll down the screen, you will see the “Apps and Websites” section. Click the section and search for the Tinder app there. When you find it, remove the app from your Facebook account.Log out of your current Facebook account and create a new Facebook account with your chosen date of birth.You can now reinstall the Tinder app on your mobile device.Launch the Tinder app and go-ahead to create a new account and then fill in your chosen age.

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