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Catholic Gift CatalogsThe Catholic Shop catalog features our most popular religious gifts, rosaries, statues, jewelry, books, movies and more.

However, unlike most Catholic gift catalogues, our catalog also includes prayers, short articles and devotional information along with the products.

We also strive to make it visually appealing with high resolution religious art on the cover and inside pages of each issue.

see our sample pages below to take a look at our catalogue.

We only ship copies of our catalog with orders for certain items (depending on package size and shipping origin). therefore, if you would like to receive a copy of the catalog, simply place an order for any of the brands or categories items below.

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to fulfill other requests for our catalog so the only way to receive it currently is to order something from the list below.

products with catalog included

all apostle team products

My Saint My Hero

all the products of my saint, my hero

all tiny saint products

Bestselling Catholic Book

all books and bibles

all dvds and movies

Holy Bears

all the holy bears

all catholic decals and stickers

Catholic toys

all catholic toys and games

all agnus dei farms products

Scapular Made By Nuns

handmade scapulars for all the sisters of Carmel

Catholic Toys

all the little drops of water catholic figurines

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all books and movies by ignatius press

When you purchase items from any of the categories and brands above, you’ll get our beautiful, full-color Catholic Store Catalog included free with your order. These are just a few samples of our catalog pages, starting with one of our recent covers.

Catholic Catalog

Catholic Catalogs

Religious Catalog

Catholic Gift Catalog

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