AOL PDF not opening? Here&039s how to make it work

aol pdf not opening

Perhaps the most frustrating AOL mail issue is when you receive an attachment, but AOL PDFs are not opening. It’s worse because you are not sure where the error is from – your PC, the sender’s computer, or even AOL itself.

Oddly enough, aol pdf files won’t open, usually not due to a failure of the aol service, but rather a misconfiguration in the mail handling environment.

the most popular pdf reader is adobe acrobat reader so we will solve aol mail attachment problems using adobe acrobat reader as our pdf reader.

how do i fix aol mail not opening pdf files?

1. install a pdf reader

pdf readers handle pdf files, and installing a pdf reader configures your browser to be able to open pdf attachments in the browser directly or with the pdf reader. To fix aol pdf attachment problems, please install a compatible pdf reader on your computer.

As mentioned above, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the world’s most popular PDF reader and editor, and for good reason.

is constantly updated with new features and bug fixes, so any bugs that may appear will probably go away on their own in the next update.

Moreover, the product is extremely easy to use, so go ahead and give it a try.

⇒ get adobe acrobat reader

1.1 check pdf compatibility

If the pdf originates from an apple computer, trying to view it from a windows system may cause problems with the attachments. let the sender know you use a windows pc if you plan to send them pdf files.

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With regard to support, in addition to the compatibility of the file and your system, you may also experience problems with aol mail attachments from your web browser and hardware configuration. If these don’t meet the minimum specs to handle aol mail, problems will arise.

2. disable antivirus temporarily

sometimes antiviruses mark aol mail attachments as risky and block them. this leads to issues with aol mail attachments as well as aol email not sending reminders. If your pdf reader works fine but aol pdf still won’t open, please disable your antivirus program now and try again.

3. repair pdf reader installation

navigate to the following location in windows explorer:

c:program filescommon filesadobeacrobatactivex

In the activex folder, look for the following files: acropdf.dll, pdfshell.dll, and acroiehelper.dll. the absence of any of these files can cause problems with aol mail attachments.

To recover the files, fix acrobat reader by reinstalling the software. alternatively, you can repair your installation by clicking the help menu and selecting repair installation from the dropdown menu.

5. set aol attachments to open in acrobat reader or other pdf reader.

  1. Start Adobe Acrobat Reader, but first close your browser.
  2. Click the edit menu and choose preferences.
  3. From the list on the left, click internet.
  4. then uncheck show pdf in browser and then press ok.
  5. finally, restart your browser.
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6. quick aol restore

  1. To perform a quick restore, search for aol system information from the start menu and launch the utility.
  2. then navigate to the left side of the screen and click the aol software tab.
  3. press quick restore and on the next screen, click ok > .
  4. wait for the express restore to complete and then close the window.
  5. restart your aol application.

Please note that the quick restore feature is only available in the aol desktop software.

aol pdf won’t open is a frustrating problem, but these solutions have been proven to solve this problem without losing any emails or attachments.

You just need a compatible pdf reader configured to handle aol pdf attachments, and if that fails, just do a quick restore.

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