‘cannot download attachments from gmail’ issue

Chrome User on Google support forum: “Hi, I am unable to understand why Gmail won’t let me download attachment in Chrome. I have attempted to remove the cache and storage space, but the issue continues. I also tried to reach Google help Support, but no guidance from their side also. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please let me know so that I can download my important attachments from Gmail”

MS Edge user on Support Forum asks: Gmail can’t download attachments on Edge for Windows 8. Has anyone here had any problem downloading attachments as PDF documents, etc from Gmail? I cannot download attachments to my computer and have searched many times now using different search keywords on Google and can’t seem to find an answer on how to solve this problem.

Watching: ‘cannot download attachments from gmail’ issue

In this technical article, you will get the solution for the usually requested question of many Gmail email client users “Can’t Download attachments from Gmail”. Here we have come up with multiple solutions underneath, which will assist you in fixing your query. If you are unable to download Gmail attachments in Opera, Chrome, Firefox, or any different web browser, then the given solution will work for all browsers.


Why I can’t download attachments from Gmail?

There are many reasons why your Gmail attachments not downloading. As it may be possible that you don’t receive the sender’s attachment. This part of the article comprises some of the common reasons why Gmail attachments are not received or downloaded.

Confidential Mode on Gmail

If the sender sends the message with Confidential Mode ON. Then, you will not be able to print, download, save the attachments of an email. There is no method available to solve your problem if the Confidential Mode is On in Gmail while sending or receiving the emails. So ask the sender to remove this mode to download the Gmail attachment.

Not enough storage space

If your mailbox is full of additional e-mail messages and your storage space is restricted to only a few emails, the attachment cannot be received. Gmail service providers automatically deny incoming e-mails if there is not enough space available to store the Gmail emails.

The attachment file is too big

Gmail won’t allow sending and receive emails with large attachments. To send or receive a file larger than 25 MB, we recommend using the Google Drive service to store the file and share the location in the e-mail.

The attachment file contains a virus

Always make sure to examine the attachment you’re trying to receive or send for viruses. By chance, if the file is infected with a virus, trojan, or other malware, many times Gmail automatically rejects it to prevent their users from becoming infected.

Solution 1: To Fix Gmail won’t let me download attachment issue

After you are sure that you had received the attachment and now you are unable to download attachments from Gmail. Then you can go for these manual solutions:

Clear Browser Cache

User needs to clear the browsing history, cache, junk files from their web browsers and try again to download the attachments.

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Turn Off Antivirus

It might be feasible that your computer’s antivirus program is restraining the files to be download to your system through your Gmail account. Attempt to turn Off the antivirus settings tentatively from Antivirus Settings.

Check for the supported browser

Some browsers don’t support Google services. If the user is using Maxthon, Opera, Vivaldi, etc., browsers, then try to switch to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.

Update the Current Browser

It will be good if the user is on the supported browser version, try to update the browser to the latest version. Navigate to help or Settings and update the browser version from there.

Turn Off Labs Settings

Gmail comes with many experimental settings in Gmail labs. If most of the lab settings are enabled then turn off a few settings might fix the attachment issue. Below mentioned are the steps to Disable Labs Settings in Gmail.

Open Gmail account, mouse click on Gear Icon, then go to Settings and select the Labs tab.From lab options, click on Disable radio buttons and click on Save Settings.

Why can’t I open attachments in my Gmail?

Even after downloading the Gmail emails by using the manual technique, sometimes the user is unable to open the Gmail attachments. It may be because of the following reasons:

Unrecognized file formatBad file association or problem with the programCompressed fileThe sender has a Mac computer and you have WindowsCorrupt file

Automatic Solution To Download & Open All Attachments from Gmail without any Problem

Many Gmail users are there who can’t download attachments from Gmail in different browsers, some of them support Google and some don’t. If you cant download email attachments from Gmail in chrome, firefox, or any other browser, then a quick way is to fix the issue is by taking help from third-party DRS Gmail Email Backup software. It allows users to extract attachments from Gmail in bulk without any data misalignment.

It keeps data intact and offers to save Gmail emails with attachments as PDF, MSG, TXT, CSV, HTML, etc on the local computer and use the attached files for their work. If the user wants to migrate from Gmail to another email client then this DRS Gmail backup tool is already programmed to export Gmail emails to Outlook, Yahoo, Thunderbird, etc email clients.

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Final Comment

We hope now you understood the reasons that why Gmail won’t download attachments. To fix such a problem, we have provided two solutions, the first one is the manual solution that requires a lot of time and technical help whereas the second solution is an automatic approach to download all Gmail emails and their attachment without any problem. You can save your Gmail attachment on your computer local hard drive by using the Gmail backup software.

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