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httl.com.vn/en is the world”s easiest all-in-one management software. It includes hundreds of business apps:

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my.domain, “Administrator” (Message-Id :). Create an appropriate mail.alias or force the destination model.

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I can send email from httl.com.vn/en page to external mail servers. I can get email from “contact me” httl.com.vn/en bar, but I can”t receive emails from external servers.

I configured and tested incoming and outcoming mail servers with httl.com.vn/en

What mail.alias should I do?



“”httl.com.vn/en is not an email client” Okay. I am newbie, I don”t see reason why Setting >Technical > Email> Emails can”t be role of history for normal e-mail correspondence with many replies and subjects 🙁 Why httl.com.vn/en is not email client?


furnituremaisak.com Tools : documentation is pretty confusing about this subject. The title “How to Use my Mail Server to Send and Receive Emails in furnituremaisak.com” indicate we could use furnituremaisak.com like a mail client…


faOtools (former furnituremaisak.com Tools) is the team of developers and business analysts to help you extend furnituremaisak.com potential. We have been communicating with end users to whom the software became the main business tool since 2012. As a result, we are proud of dozens of successful furnituremaisak.com apps developed. We are open for new ideas and challenges to create the best furnituremaisak.com tools for business needs all over the world.The apps you may like to implement in your furnituremaisak.com

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Email Thread is an abstract model, meaning that it is not stored in httl.com.vn/en, and you can not find this document in httl.com.vn/en interface. So, there is no sense at all to create such a record.

So, it is high probable that messages are already parsed in httl.com.vn/en, but you cannot see any effect. Please take into account that httl.com.vn/en is not an email client: it does not aim to parseuser inboxes, but it:


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Compares sender email address and aliases and, then, create an opportunity (sales team alias, e.g. emails tosales
yourdomain.com) or task (project email alias). In case analias exist, messages would create a related object without extraconfiguring email server. 


Check meta data of incoming email for beingthe answer to httl.com.vn/en thread. Then, such a message would be attached tothis thread. For example, a salesperson answers under anopportunity, and if clients clicks reply-to, this reply email wouldbe attached this opportunity. 


If an email does not suit both criteria and there are no specificactions on the incoming email server (like create a thread youconfigured), such email would not lead toany actions in httl.com.vn/en. For sudden cases, you notice frequent mistakes– you may use some specific party tool, e.g. this one– https://apps.httl.com.vn/en/apps/modules/13.0/mail_manual_routing/.

Thus, at this moment you should define which behavior you anticipate (create leads, create tasks, etc.?), and try to configure httl.com.vn/en correspondingly.

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jan banda
23 tháng 1 2020
Best Answer

I deleted everything and made all configuration again. 

I was checking logs. I made all aliases and created accounts. catchall
.com and bounce
. Eveything seems to be ok.

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When I was creating incoming mail server I created value of Create a New Record field as Email Thread. I tested connection and saved it. It was correctly setup. But In logs I saw that:

I am using docker. As You see, postgresql database have problems not recognised for me. 

Email still not comes to httl.com.vn/en”s emails. My provider email server receive all e-mails, httl.com.vn/en–not. 

I sent emails from gmail account to catchall
, bounce
and to email”s administrator. Nothing helped 🙁

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