Recommended Boots for Canada Post Delivery Agents | Canada&039s Postal Transformation Project

this is the 2019 prairie winter boots recommendation edition.

canada postal delivery agents work in a variety of weather conditions and in all seasons. for many, they spend more than 5 hours a day outdoors.

conditions mean a delivery agent must continually adjust their equipment.

canada post corporation supplies most of the equipment except boots and gloves. they provide an allowance for each employee to purchase these parts.

This article covers winter boots for the Prairie region, an area that is particularly cold for two months (-30 to -50 degrees Celsius, including wind chill) and slippery during the winter.

Each delivery agent has their own advice for their particular situation. The following are some general observations about boots that seem popular with most delivery agents.

You should also consider what type of delivery situation the agent is facing. if one is delivering from door to door, there is less need for warmth and more emphasis on lightness and speed. if the focus is on apartments, the lighter boot and gloves will suffice. if a person is delivering to community mailboxes, then the warmest gear available is important and lightness is not a major factor.

Also don’t forget that no matter how good the boot is, Canada Post requires all delivery agents to wear, or have in their possession, grips. these are slipons over regular boots that significantly increase traction in snow and especially on ice. These are supplied by Canada Post.

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the canada post recommends that any boot purchased have a snowflake rating, good traction and an appropriate ankle height. recognize that the increasing number of injuries is partially related to inappropriate footwear. steel toe boots are not necessary for delivery agents in most cases. there are some exceptions where they are required. Prairie delivery agents are wary of steel-toed boots due to the perceived possibility of frostbite.

waterproof boots are a must. Although most brands have a waterproof label, it is not always inferred that they are waterproof. some are only waterproof for the most part, while the tongue is not. others declare waterproof only for short exposure times. some inferior brands wear out very quickly and leak. Generally, any boot listed with a waterproof Gortex membrane is a safe bet. It costs more, but this generally means that the boot is of higher quality.

also the construction of the sole is very important. cheap boots will provide inferior soles. the good ones will absorb your steps better and give you much more comfort at the end of the day. any sole with the vibram logo means they are well built. For new delivery men who buy winter boots, the recommendation is not to go cheap. expensive boots are not only more comfortable, they last much longer. they are cheaper in the long run.

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proper fit is a must. Any boot, no matter how good, if it’s too tight in length, width, or height, it can make your feet feel cold or freeze quickly.

recommended boots door to door

There are two brands that stand out for their quality, warmth, stability and durability for door-to-door delivery agents. sharp and merrell.

The above is just a sample. Keep in mind that all shoe styles change rapidly for a variety of reasons. ask your shoe specialist for the recommended shoe for your situation. Many shoe companies are familiar with the needs of Canada Post delivery agents. Look for special discounts for Canada Post employees. In most communities, there should be a company that offers a discount. you do not have to pay full price. The Canada Post Employee Portal can provide information for companies offering a discount in your area.

merrell is an excellent combination of lightness, stability and durability. i prefer merrell to sharp ones while a coworker loves sharp ones and would never buy a merrell. they are so similar in quality that it all comes down to personal preference

both boots have excellent ankle height. good for stability, but not too high to slow down or cause discomfort. if the snow is higher than the ankle line, gaiters are recommended. These are supplied by Canada Post or you can purchase them through a local hiking store.

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the north face also makes some good winter boots, although they change their product line quickly. this rotation makes it difficult to recommend a line for their boots.

No matter which boot you choose, be sure to talk to a shoe specialist and try it on outside of work first. These recommendations are not scientific truths, just observations. you are responsible for making sure your feet are safe and warm during the winter. don’t risk it.

boots recommended by the community mailbox

Standing still and delivering to community mailboxes is a completely different scene. Your body can never get warm, so lightweight hiking boots won’t work in extreme temperatures. you need a boot rated for minus 70 degrees centigrade.

Sorel and Baffin boots are the preferred options.

a tall boot is not necessary. you can get shorter ones. however, it is imperative to satisfy the -70 demand.


hopefully this brief overview will help new delivery agents to canada choose a good option for winter boots in the prairie region. this can also help others who are avid hikers or outdoor people in their choice.


I loved my wishes. She worked in Winnipeg for eighteen years. the cold wasn’t bad as long as you kept moving. community mailboxes make cold winters even colder. — Gabriele G.

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