9 Best Free Email Tracker For Gmail – A Complete Guide

You may be tired of checking the follow-ups of a large number of emails. well, actually there is an easy solution.

Lately, email marketing seems to be a great fit for any marketing strategy, like launching new features or increasing brand awareness. since it doesn’t need any payment, people are attracted to it.

As a result, you need to track how people respond to emails. That’s when you need email tracking software.

many email trackers for gmail have unique features and are free. In this guide, we bring you a list of the best free email trackers for gmail that can provide a wide range of benchmarks.

Best Free Email Tracker For Gmail

email tracker benefits

if you ask about the advantages of an email tracking tool, there is not much to say, but some important ones that can help you manage your business thoroughly. What are they? let’s take a look.

  • know when to connect with your client

    When there was no email tracking system, it was difficult for sales professionals to know if the recipient had opened the email or not.

    As a result, they couldn’t make an easy call. For example, if the recipient hadn’t opened the email, they wouldn’t know what to say.

    But now, with free email tracking software, marketers know when the customer opens and reads the email. therefore, they can easily make the call for more connections, thus increasing their sales.

    • Discover the right time to send emails

      You don’t have to think long before you send any email wondering if it’s the perfect time. It’s because email trackers let you know your customers’ schedule by aligning messages.

      This way, you’ll know when your customers read the most emails. then you can send yours right then and grab their attention.

      • improve the content of your marketing emails

        You can also find out how much time your customer spends reading your email through email trackers. helps determine if the recipient is interested in your marketing system or not.

        if they don’t spend a lot of time, you should change your strategy, and if the person likes your pop-up image or product video, you’ll know it. try to personalize your hyperise images and videos, so they can be professional and interesting. so you can increase your sales.

        top 9 free email trackers for gmail

        Not all email tracking features are free for gmail. Also, some trackers are only free on some specific email services. Here, we list the top 9 free email trackers for gmail. here we go.

        • mail tracker by hunter

          mailtracker by hunter is a chrome extension like other tracking programs. Although it is known as an email search and verification tool, it can also track email in gmail formatively.

          The main advantage of using this program is that you have unlimited email tracking all the time. it’s because it doesn’t have an updated version.

          does basic jobs like opening the track and showing the opening of internal threads and conversations.

          You can’t track other activities through this, like being notified when mail is opened or other pens offered by other enhanced programs.

          • email analytics

            unlike other trackers that offer click and open tracking, emailanalytics allows you to monitor email activities.

            provides many features, such as typical email response time, number of emails received and sent, top recipients and senders, and when you receive the most emails. In short, it gives you a total analysis of your vital email metrics.

            • useful sales

              Want a free unlimited email tracker for gmail? if so, then you are in the right place as saleshandy offers gmail users a free version for life.

              saleshandy gives you instant desktop notifications whenever an email is opened or clicked on by email clients. It has features like attachment tracking, email scheduling, automatic follow-ups, etc. creating an email template and saving it is another feature of this program.

              well, it has a paid version that allows you to fill in email information with zapier and crm.

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