Top 10 Countries for Mail Order Brides

In the modern world of diversity and endless opportunities, it becomes easier to find a life partner. The latest technologies and services offer men a simple recipe for happiness: if you don’t want to marry a local girl, you can try to find a wife abroad. So-called mail-order bride services do not offer you to literally pay for a woman: you pay for the opportunity to meet and communicate with her. there are hundreds and thousands of websites featuring women from all over the world. It’s easy to get lost if you’re not sure where to start your virtual journey in search of love. We offer you to pay attention to the most popular destinations where you can find your destination.


  1. Ukraine

The local ladies are well educated and the men can be expected to speak languages ​​fluently. Therefore, it is quite simple to communicate with potential brides from Ukraine. In addition to being intelligent, Ukrainian girls attract foreigners with their beauty and their reputation as good wives and mothers. besides, it is easy to access the country and come face to face with a particular girl.

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  1. The Philippines

it is one of the key destinations in asia discovered by foreigners. they are drawn to the exotic beauty of Filipino girls and their openness to new experiences. meanwhile, ladies perceive Western men as polite and well-mannered and treat them as potentially good husbands. In addition, the standard of living in the country is not the highest, so the ladies are willing to leave the country.

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  1. Russia

high level of education and knowledge of foreign languages ​​are among the characteristics that make men from all over the world dream of Russian women. their reputation as devoted yet passionate wives and tender mothers makes them all the more alluring. It should be quite difficult to resist the temptation to marry an intelligent, feminine and attractive lady. Furthermore, Russian women are not really interested in local men and prefer to spend their lives with foreigners.

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  1. Vietnam

It is a relatively new market in the Asian segment. Being enchanted by an exotic beauty of local women, foreigners are hard to blame: Vietnamese women are petite and cute and can easily win a man’s heart. however, the country’s infrastructure is not the best. therefore, it can be difficult to communicate with the girl and stay in contact with her without interruptions.

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  1. China

For those seeking classic and pure Asian beauty, Chinese is the best option. local girls know that marrying a foreign man is very prestigious and they are happy to use dating websites. Unfortunately, specific Chinese laws limit the online presence of ladies and could cause inconvenience in communication with prospective husbands.

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  1. Thailand

The country is known for a large number of single women eager to meet a respectful Western man and change their lives. There is nothing surprising about this trend as the country cannot boast of a perfect economic situation. therefore, exotic and fragile Thai girls eagerly seek their destiny abroad.

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  1. Brazil

It is the country with the greatest ethnic mix in Latin America, since here you can meet white girls, Latin women and African women. such a diverse selection of women means that men with different tastes are sure to find their love here. Although Brazilian brides are extremely attractive and passionate, they may not be as fluent in English and it would be great if you could speak some Portuguese.

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  1. Colombia

the local ladies have more than a seductive image. being quite religious, they play the role of faithful wives who dedicate their lives to the family. but at the same time, they manage to remain hot and attractive. for men, it seems to be the perfect combination. In addition, there is a considerable lack of men in the country and this makes Colombian women look for love abroad.

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  1. Dominican Republic

the country is not poor and local girls do not perceive western men as the ones who will rescue them. That’s why you have to impress a Dominican girlfriend to get her attention. Meanwhile, the women here have a reputation as great cooks and hard-working wives. furthermore, interracial marriages are acceptable and even recommended here.

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  1. Japan

Japanese women are usually well educated and speak English fluently. her strict and exotic beauty mesmerizes men all over the world and, together with the quirks of Japanese culture, turns local girls into potentially perfect wives. Therefore, it is not surprising that foreigners perceive Japan as one of the main destinations in Asia.

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