Send Email Using ASP.Net With C


there are many more articles on google to send an email using and c#. This article explains some important features and notable bugs. code

Important properties of the smtp class:

  • host: server url for smtp (see table above).
  • enablessl: check that your host accepts ssl connections (true or false).
  • port: port number of the smtp server (see table above).
  • credentials: valid login credentials for the smtp server (your email address and password).
  • usedefaultcredentials: When we set “true” to usedefaultcredentials, that specifies to allow authentication based on the credentials of the account used to send email.

common error the following error will occur commonly for everyone. how to solve this? check the content of my previous blog.

  • smtp server requires a secure connection

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summary we learned how to send email using and c#. I hope this article is useful for all .net beginners.

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