Armie Hammer Instagram leak uncovers his love for ‘kinky’ hashtags | Daily Mail Online

armie hammer’s instagram reveals that he follows the perverted hashtags ‘knifeskills’ and ‘shibari’… after the actor confirmed that he will be leaving the latest film after ‘leaking messages of cannibalism and rape’

  • fans noted the actor, 34, followed provocative terms including ‘knifeskills’ and ‘shibari’, the latter being a form of Japanese rope bondage
  • armie also follows holiday wear brand dr. harness, who specializes in bondage-inspired ‘seductive lingerie,’ and deluxe fetish photographer
  • on Wednesday, the star broke her silence to confirm she would be leaving her latest film, wedding forcing jennifer lopez
  • armie also responded to ‘b******t’ claims after posts about rape fantasies, bdsm and cannibalism that allegedly sent to a woman leaked last week
  • got video of him driving drunk and licking white glass
  • a source said: ‘he always liked to drink, do drugs, but never like this’
  • in july, hammer and his wife, actress elizabeth chambers, announced their separation

by laura fox for mailonline

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