50 Funniest April Fools&039 Pranks for 2022: Best April Fools&039 Pranks

Whether you’re a constant prankster or new to the comedy game, it’s always handy to have a few pranks in your back pocket for parents, kids, boyfriends, and friends, as well as some virtual pranks you can pull. text. we like pranks that are clever enough to make a friend or family member go crazy, but innocent enough not to put anyone in danger.

April Fools’ Day pranks date back to the 1700s, and the holiday is also sometimes referred to as All Fools’ Day. We think you’ll find the origins of April Fool’s Day really interesting; Many attribute its start to the people of Great Britain.

Want to stock up on April Fool’s Day pranks for your loved ones? look no further than these fun tips.

higher education

considering how hard they work, teachers always deserve the last laugh. Gabi Martorelli, a psychology professor at Virginia Wesleyan University, decided to play a little prank on her class. last year she uploaded a link called “final exam answers” to her student’s course page. however, the link did not lead to answers at all. Students who thought they were in for a little surprise help for their big test instead saw a video of pop singer Rick Astley singing, “I’ll never leave you.” Martorelli says this joke was especially applicable during the pandemic, with so much remote learning. these april fools day memes will make you laugh too.

coffee talk

Depending on how dependent the recipient of the April Fool’s Day prank is on their morning coffee, we’ll admit this prank borders on cruel. In this good oldie, swap sugar for salt so that when your target goes groggy to enjoy their first cup of coffee, they’ll get a surprise on the palate. maybe keep a piping hot well brewed coffee with sugar waiting in the wings to smooth things over if this goes wrong! These April Fool’s Day jokes are sure to make everyone laugh.

bp & laughs

If you want to momentarily gross out a friend with a hilarious April Fool’s Day prank, this one’s for you: put crunchy peanut butter on their shoe and it’ll look like, well, something you might find in the bathroom. Take the prank one step further and slide in a lick of peanut butter with your finger. we’d probably recommend making sure to test this on a fairly clean shoe if you’re going to lick!

does not calculate

Happy senior women using laptop in gardenOliver Rossi/Getty Images

many of us have worked or studied from home for a considerable amount of time in the last two years, our computers and devices have become everything. But online entrepreneur Mark Coster still thinks it’s fun to play innocently with these screens. “When a person’s computer is on, ask them to bring you something from another room (the farther the better) and press the keyboard shortcut ctrl + alt + down arrow if you’re using windows,” he suggests. “if you’re on a mac, go to system preferences. hold down command and option while clicking on the screen, and then press option ‘180’. this will flip your computer screen upside down. This harmless prank has an easy fix, but you’ll still have a lot of fun watching them turn their heads trying to figure out how to fix it on their computer.”

silly sucker

Unwrap a lollipop, replace the candy with a Brussels sprout, and then re-wrap the candy to present to your unsuspecting kids. celebrate after the prank with real lollipops.

error alert

print a sign that says “this property is infested with bugs” and then stick it on the front door to alert unsuspecting visitors.

soup shower

unscrew the shower head and put in a bouillon cube so your family member takes a shower and smells more and more of chicken as the water falls.

delivery day

If you tend to get a lot of deliveries each week (hello Amazon Prime!), then this is a good April prank for your boyfriend or husband. Put the boxes away for a few weeks, then on April 1, place them all by the front door to fool her partner into thinking she’s gone shopping.

mirror, mirror

This mom found out she was being pranked in such a creative way that it made her love her 11-year-old twins even more. “they got together and used all the colorful sticky notes in our house (and we have a lot) and created a huge april fools day creature on my bathroom mirror,” says author dani labriola. “Each post-it had the word ‘hello’ and had a detailed face, eyes, mouth and body. she left me crouched around her creature every morning to get ready because she didn’t want to bring it down. I finally did… in December.”

candy ants

Invest in a bag of fake ants, then sprinkle your child’s lunch for school. the only drawback is that you won’t be there to see his surprise.

false and “oops!”

Squeeze glue into an old nail polish bottle, shake it, and pour it onto parchment paper with the glue coming out of the bottle. when it dries, place it on the carpet so your target thinks he has a troublesome mess on his hands.

cookie monster

unscrew several oreo cookies and replace the filling with toothpaste. put the cookies back together and serve with milk or water to make it look like a totally normal snack. how upset they are probably depends on the flavor of toothpaste you use for the prank!

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cat and mouse

Close Up of a Business Woman using Computer MousePixelsEffect/Getty Images

Not all good April Fools pranks are food related. For this one, cut a small piece of paper to fit undetected under your target’s computer mouse. write “got you!” on it and then stick it on the device with some tape. when they try to use it, it doesn’t work. a glance at the bottom of the mouse will let them know they’ve been pranked.

soap star

April fools pranks don’t necessarily require an elaborate setup. In fact, allan borch, a growth hacker and founder of dotcomdollar, needed only a bar of soap and a bottle of clear nail polish to pull a prank on his girlfriend. “I went ahead and bought some clear nail polish, got the bar of soap from our bathroom and completely covered everything in nail polish,” he says. “when he tried to use it, it didn’t foam at all. We laughed a bit, and I received some praise for my effort.” Borch recommends letting the nail polish dry on top of the soap for a while to let the soap work.

face forward

stick a plastic face with a suction cup that sticks to a window from the outside, then when a person walks into the room, it looks like someone is looking out the window. this one could be pretty scary, so don’t do this to anyone in poor health, and be sure to leave a note on the mask identifying you as the friendly perpetrator.

bad packaging

Completely wrap a loved one’s car in plastic wrap, then cover it with silly rope. (Don’t put the dummy rope on the car, though, because it could damage its finish.) It may seem like a lot of work to unwrap it, but if you cut it in half, it comes out quickly.

riddle of the cat

Not even the family cat is safe from hilarious April Fool’s pranks. derrick from simply cat care shares this catch your cat in a square prank. he creates a square on the floor with duct tape. when your cat walks in, he’ll find himself trapped, he explains, because he’ll think there’s a barrier stopping them when there isn’t. “it’s a silly little joke that could make you laugh; Of course, you can remove the tape to “let the cat out” once you’ve had enough fun. These cat memes will make you laugh every time.


pretend to go to the bathroom and call your child to ask for toilet paper. When they go into the bathroom to hand you the toilet paper, they “accidentally” get melted chocolate (which looks like poop) on their hands as they pass the roll.

spoonful of sugar

Sugar Pile Spoon Bamboo Table. Roman Didkivskyi/Getty Images

Open a salt shaker and place a piece of paper towel on top, then fill it with a teaspoon of sugar and screw the lid back on. the next person who wears it will be in for a sweet surprise. Read some of our best corny jokes and puns.

something is wrong

Remove the label from a tube of anchovy paste, then replace it with a toothpaste label. Place the tube in the unsuspecting victim’s bathroom for a big surprise the next time they want to brush their teeth. Can you imagine waiting for minty fresh breath only to be met by the salty, fishy taste of anchovies? at that time, you could also have pizza for breakfast.

fishy fun

In France, April Fools’ Day is called Poisson d’Avril, which translates to “April Fish”. French children celebrate by gluing cut-out paper fish on the backs of their classmates. we’re not sure why, but we find it funny and harmless!

trick or treat

Tell your kids you made them a delicious batch of brownies, and then present them with a tray of rectangles cut out of brown construction paper. looks amazingly like the real thing.

so cheesy

roll the top of your loved one’s deodorant about two inches. scoop it out with a spoon and replace it with cream cheese, which you then mold and shape with your hands. it will take some time to make it look realistic. once you hear her cry in the morning, the time you spent will be worth it.

chef’s special

make a fake sundae with mashed potatoes for ice cream and gravy for caramel topping. Depending on how good of a sense of humor your kids have, you may want to tell them the joke.

class chaos

this joke still makes jules smile so. “Teachers are always on high alert on April Fool’s Day,” says Tan, who now blogs at outdoormagnet.com. “One year, two classes decided to change classrooms for a day. when the teacher entered, she was greeted with different children in her class. Confused, she left the classroom to check if she entered the correct class. she went in and out a few times while hilarity was assured.”

rock and roll

“around 1973, while i was in college, my roommate had an old mercury comet from the early 1960s,” recalls steven m. sultanoff, phd, clinical psychologist. “He loved that car. we made fun of it saying it was an “old rattlesnake trap”. on April 1, he had parked it on the ground in a wooded area and left for class. while I was in class, I took out the hubcaps, filled them with some rocks, and put them back on the car. I ran into him after his class and asked him to take me to our apartment. when he backed out of the parking spot, the rattle was very loud. horror filled her face. I got some rattle digs before I confessed to the prank. he had turned his car into a real trap.”

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confetti confusion

If you’re going to pull this prank, you have to be prepared to clean it up too. buy some confetti or make your own, then place it on top of a ceiling fan. When the unsuspecting victim turns on the fan, they’ll be showered with colorful surprises!

refrigerator frenzy

if you’ve got a fridge and access to a ton of play food (the kind kids keep in their miniature kitchens), z grills’ michael humpreys has a prank for you: get a bunch of chocolate boxes and fill them with the fake vegetables or cheese, or fill the fridge with them instead of the real thing.

messing up

If you live in a household with people who are squeamish when it comes to bugs, then you may or may not want to play this clever April Fool’s Day prank. Using plain drawing paper, create a dark silhouette of a bug or cockroach, then cut it out. glue the creepy silhouette to the inside of a lampshade. when the unsuspecting prankster lights the lamp, he will see a shadow of the “bug”. wait for the screaming to continue.

hello jello

It’s the old stapler caught up in the Jell-O trick, made famous by office pranksters back in the day, when Jim did the trick with his buddy Dwight. To make this work for you at home, make some jello and place it in a bowl in the fridge to set. once it’s ready, add the stapler, then pour another batch of jello over the top to set. this gag will definitely get a lot of laughs, especially if your partner is a fan of the show.

chocolate lollipop

Trick someone into thinking you’re giving them their favorite chocolate or other delicious food that excites them. when they open it, they’ll find that it’s not actually chocolate, but a piece of cardboard you stuffed in there with the words “I tricked you!” written on it.

everything talks

Businessman peeking through sunblinds at the window in officeWestend61/Getty Images

Don’t have time to pull off an April Fool’s Day prank this year? try some innocent psychological warfare instead. “My favorite prank that is unique yet easy to pull off with friends and family is what I call the No Prank Prank,” says Atta Ur Rehman, a content manager with Thrive Doctors. “Just cheer up the people around you by telling them the pranks you’re going to pull on them on April Fool’s Day. when the real day comes, sit back, do nothing and watch them nervously waiting for the jokes that will never come.”

awesome donut

Who doesn’t love a doughnut? Play a silly little prank on your kids in the morning by offering them packets of “donut seeds” for breakfast. place a handful of cheerios in a small cellophane bag, then staple and seal with a label that says donut seeds. they will laugh (and have breakfast) at the same time. when you stop to think about it, the cereal looks like a little doughnut. maybe have the actual full-size version on hand too, so you can see what your seeds will look like when grown!

silly sock

Take a pair of the prank victim’s socks and sew them halfway up the sock. they’ll think you’re being incredibly helpful in helping them get ready in the morning when you offer to fetch their socks. then they laugh as they look dazed as they try to put on these stitched socks. his foot will only be able to move halfway, which will lead to a lot of confusion… and frustration! we are full of brilliant ideas for additional uses for your old socks.

get nervous

This prank is harmless and works great if you’re packing a kid’s or your partner’s lunch to take away for the day. Place your lunch box as you normally would, with each compartment filled with something delicious. then place a plastic roach on top of each of the foods. To add a touch of drama, cut little “bites” out of the food with a knife to make it look like these plastic buggers took it upon themselves to dig into your lunch.

this is cool

With the popularity of the kind rock project, it’s not uncommon to see a rock painted on the ground with a loving message. This prank doesn’t have the same positive message, but it’s sure to bring a smile to the prankster’s face. paint a rock in vibrant colors, then write the message, “turn me over,” on the side that will be facing up. on the opposite side it writes, “you just got orders from a rock.”

go ahead

throw out the old toilet paper roll switch in the bathroom and replace it with a large roll of white duct tape. the next time someone in your house goes to take a square from the roll, they will be in for a big surprise. no tape around it? wrap a rubber snake around the toilet paper roll so no one can see it coming. this can also work with plastic bugs.

balloon bonanza

Orange balloons in back seat of carFlynn Larsen/Getty Images

For this prank, blow up a bunch of balloons and bundle them together with string or tape to create a kind of balloon bouquet. then tape the balloons to the inside of a car window, so your victim thinks they’ll fly out once they open the door.

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dirty work

Here’s a cool one: Make a dessert that looks like a big cup of dirt, complete with worms. At the bottom of the cup, scoop out pudding, ice cream, or whipped cream. then take 1 heaping cup of finely crushed oreo cookies (chocolate cookie part only) and place on top. finish the treat with a few gummy candy worms peeking out of the top. It may look like something you found in your garden, but it’s actually a scrumptious delight!

you have mail

Your mailbox is the perfect prank vehicle to give someone you love a little scare. first, wait until your mail carrier has delivered the day’s mail (you don’t want to scare them while they’re trying to do their job). then add something unexpected to the box: a rubber snake, a handful of plastic bugs, a realistic and slightly scary toy, anything that makes your prank victim take a big leap backwards. attach a note to the back that says “April Fool’s Day!”

cereal joker

Is your kids’ breakfast a nice big bowl of cold cereal with milk? on April 1, offer to serve them that bowl. little do they know that you actually made their morning meal the night before…and it’s in the freezer. just pour your favorite cereal into a freezer-safe container, then add the milk. we suggest covering with saran wrap to prevent spillage when placed on a stable shelf in the freezer overnight. They’ll be pretty confused when you serve them the bowl, and they won’t be able to get a spoon to bite through.

whistling car

Tape a harmonica under the front bumper of your friend’s car. nothing monumental will happen at first, but speed up a bit on the freeway, you might hear a whistle coming from your car. it will drive them absolutely crazy. maybe even crazy enough to stop and check under the hood of your car.

add a bit of shine

If you’ve ever used glitter, you’ll know that it’s a little bit, but it’s very useful, and it gets absolutely everywhere. fill an envelope with some glitter and drop it in your friend’s mailbox or on your co-workers’ desk. they will wipe away the shine forever.

use another door

This is a great option if you’ve been heading to the office and want to prank an unsuspecting co-worker. put a sign on every possible door to enter the building that says “use another door” or even “broken door, use next”. your co-worker will be really confused as he walks around the building trying to get in (or out).


Hands Pupping Bubbles On Bubble WrapIsabel Pavia/Getty Images

This is an easy one that will provide a lot of laughs. If there are rugs in your house, take some bubble wrap and put it under the rug. the next one to walk on the mat will jump with the sound of bubble wrap bursting under their feet. no area rugs? place it under the bath mat before they get in the shower and wait for the clicks to explode.

vegetables for breakfast

buy a box of donuts at your local donut shop (dunkin’, krispy kreme, etc.) but remove all the donuts before you get home. fill the box with vegetables like carrots, celery and broccoli and leave it on the table. Your family will get so excited about donuts for breakfast just to open the box and see the toppings for a salad. this is also a great option for your office if you leave the box in the kitchen common area.

honk the horn

write on a large piece of paper, “honk your horn! (The driver doesn’t know. It’s April Fool’s Day). stick the sign on the back of your friend’s, partner’s or co-worker’s car. people will honk their horns on the way home. just make sure the driver is distracted while he gets in the car so he doesn’t see the signal.

orange you’re happy…

Buy some Orange Pillsbury Muffins with Orange Glaze at the store. Bake the rolls as normal, but instead of using the orange glaze that comes in the package, use some melted cheese. be sure to leave the empty container next to the plate of cinnamon rolls. your family will expect a sweet orange flavor when they take a bite, but instead they will have a mouth full of cheddar cheese. the look on his face will be priceless!

where are the forks?

Reorganize your kitchen drawers before your family goes in for a snack. Are the utensils usually in the drawer next to the fridge? swap them with the tupperware drawer next to the sink. This seemingly harmless prank will become overwhelming when all your partner wants to do is grab a spoon for their yogurt.

the apple of my eye

Buy a bunch of googly eyes and decorate all the items in your fridge with eyes, from the apples to the milk to the ketchup bottle. when the next person opens the fridge, everything inside will stare back.

voice activated

Bring an appliance to work for the day or tell the family you bought a new toaster, coffee maker, etc. put a sign on the appliance that says “voice activated.” You’ll double over with laughter at all the people yelling at the toaster to toast. Now that you’ve got these April Fool’s Day pranks up your sleeve, check out more office April Fool’s Day pranks you can pull on your friends at work.

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