15 Ready To Use Samples of Appreciation Letters To Employees

Saying “thank you” to employees is a nice way to show you recognize them and are happy to have them on your team. A formal thank you letter or email to your employees expresses your gratitude for their contribution to your business.

is a type of office etiquette that should be adopted by managers and heads of an organization. helps motivate employees and fosters a strong team relationship and a healthy company culture. it is also vital to developing and maintaining effective employee engagement and recognition. Plus, it’s one of the most unique employee appreciation ideas you can imagine.

In some companies, it’s a daily norm to make employees feel appreciated with a few kind words. On the other hand, others choose to attend on specific occasions when doing so. Here it is important to remember that it is not a rule that only a senior employee can write a thank you letter. it can also come from co-workers.

here are 15 employee thank you letter examples you can check out:

Before we get started with our sample messages, watch this video to learn the proper format for an employee thank you letter.

1. I appreciate your hard work and dedication

This sounds simple, but if you don’t thank your best people regularly, you could lose them to someone who does.

dear < employee name >

on behalf of the entire < company name >, I would like to express our sincere admiration for your outstanding efforts in the workplace. we appreciate all that he has done over the years since he joined us. the endless hours he has spent working here and the professionalism he has shown has greatly motivated the entire management team.

We pride ourselves on your hard work and dedication to making every critical project a huge success. As always, we’re counting on you to go the extra mile.

thank you once again for all your contributions.

Best regards, < eldest name>

2. praise them for a job well done

Saying “you did a good job” is fine, but detailed praise motivates the person. it feels sincere when a particular action is emphasized as outstanding work.

dear < employee name >

I want to take the time to thank you for the fantastic work you’ve been doing for our company lately. we achieve goals without a second of downtime, setting an example for managing a project for maximum benefits.

You did an excellent job of training your team members on the new technology, which made a huge difference. I trust they feel rewarded and recognized under his guidance.

As a token of our appreciation, in addition to an increase in salary from the next review, we have decided to give you an extra week of vacation to take whenever you want. in fact, you are an inspiration to us and definitely play an essential role in the company. keep it up, and thanks once again!

With deep appreciation for your efforts, <name of elder> cc: human resources department

3. encourage them for their leadership.

The power of recognition in leadership is energizing. While leaders inspire all team members to achieve superior results, it’s also important to assess their leadership qualities so they feel valued.

dear < employee name >

I honor the effort you have made to lead your team’s current project. several of our employees expressed their appreciation for the personalized guidance and support he provided, especially as the deadline approached.

every member of the team has the utmost confidence in his leadership abilities, and I am very happy to see that he is so successful. I will make sure that your excellent work is also rewarded with tangible results. Thank you once again for all your hard work and dedication in building and growing this business.

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greetings, <name of elder>

4. let them know their help is important.

every effort matters. It’s important to understand that a simple email can encourage your employees to be an important part of future company efforts.

dear < employee name >

I want to thank you for your help in organizing the last meeting with our clients. you made everyone feel relaxed and we have already received positive feedback from customers about how dedicated you are.

You have no idea what a great positive impression you have left on our services. I am so happy to see that your hard work resulted in such a success!

He has always been willing to help this company run smoothly and influence the rest of the team to achieve the company’s planned goals. your passion for your work is what makes you an amazing person to work for.

keep up the excellent work.

Sincerely, <elder’s name>

5. appreciation for being a super active seller

In any organization, the sales department plays a fundamental role in the success of the business. Please take a few seconds to express your appreciation for the work of your sales teams.

dear < employee name >

I am writing to let you know that we are extremely pleased with the sales progress report you sent.

We recognize your excellent performance and professionalism. thank you for his hard work and commitment that has achieved the best sales record this year. you have the approach to do things a little differently, which has helped set our brand apart from the competition.

You have far exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t have done this without you.

greetings <eldest name>

6. don’t forget to thank them for covering a colleague’s leave

When a colleague is on vacation for a week or on extended parental leave, someone has to come up to take over the workload. under such conditions, expressing appreciation can build stronger relationships.

dear < employee name >

I appreciate all your extra efforts on daily tasks while < colleague name> is out of permission. You deserve this token of appreciation for offering to work more hours. when we all have a full plate, managing work in the absence of someone is complicated. It’s employees like you who prefer to help out with a few extra hours of work, which makes it work. we are proud to have enthusiastic staff like you working with us. keep up the great work!

cheers, <eldest name>

7. recognize your years of continuous service

Long-term employees contribute to your organization’s positive culture and environment. They are an inseparable part of brand positioning. it makes sense to recognize them and their years of continuous service. continue to create a longer tenure by doing more good work while encouraging others to stay.

dear < employee name >

I want to personally congratulate you on such a significant year of the anniversary of your engagement with (company name). We greatly appreciate your years of dedicated service and loyalty to our company.

You may not know this, but we appreciate all of your efforts and hard work, and we can’t thank you enough. We appreciate all of your sacrifices in helping this company grow to where it is today. you really went above and beyond to help this company reach its full potential.

thank you for all your contributions and all the little things you do every day to help our respective jobs.

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sincerely, <eldest name>

8. end the year with a mental boost

Take this opportunity to thank your employees for all their efforts throughout the year. Employees work very hard throughout the year and it is important to talk to them about their achievements. A well-crafted thank you email from the bottom of your heart at the end of the year can act as a great look back and reflect all the credits you earned in the last 12 months.

dear < employee name >

As another year draws to a close, it’s time to look back and reflect on the past 12 months. thank you for all your hard work, commitment, and valuable contributions to this company, an integral part of our progress and success.

This year, we have made impressive progress on our business goals, constantly and rapidly evolving in the context of a very competitive business environment. Despite all the challenges, our team kept their focus and didn’t let any opportunity slip by.

There is still a lot to achieve for next year, and I am sure that we will maintain our excellence.

thank you once again for your commitment and invaluable contributions in helping this business reach its full potential. Finally, I wish everyone a very Happy New Year, full of success, happiness and good health.

Sincerely, <elder’s name>

9. appreciate a colleague’s collaborative skills

Workplaces are changing. especially the way we started working together. And if your employees lack this particular skill, you’re doomed. therefore, it is important that your employees know that we appreciate their collaborative efforts.

dear < employee name >,

I wanted to express my gratitude for a wonderful collaboration experience. during our time working on project (x), he demonstrated the real value of excellent collaboration and teamwork.

We were able to complete our work ahead of time. all thanks for your help. It has been a pleasure working with you! I’m excited about our future collaboration on other projects.

honestly, <your name>

10. employee recognition for creativity and innovation

many companies today fail due to their inability to adapt to technological advances. therefore, it is time to instill and promote innovative attitudes in your staff by recognizing them with a nice letter of appreciation to employees.

dear < employee name >,

thank you so much for the continuous creative ideas you share! your innovative ideas are always eagerly awaited by the entire team.

I cannot express how valuable you are to (business name). you are constantly improving our (x) by bringing new ideas to the table. his ingenuity challenges us and (product name) improves every day.

thank you very much and keep up the fantastic work!

kindly, <your name>

11. employee birthday thank you letter

birthdays are significant events in the lives of your workers. recognizing your employees on their special days can overcome personal and professional barriers.

dear < employee name >,

We are pleased to have you as an employee. you work hard, you are creative and you always deliver! We at (business name) really hope you know that we appreciate your continued efforts.

We all wish you a very happy birthday! We wish you many personal and professional triumphs and a bright and joyful day at work. We hope to see you in the cafeteria at noon, as we have planned a small celebration in your honor.

Best wishes, <your name>

12. Appreciate your employee for being themselves

Why not thank your employees for just being themselves? all you need to do this is a few well-chosen words.

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dear < employee name >,

I would like to take this moment to express my gratitude for being you! your good spirit in the office brightens everyone’s day. your good work attitude motivates your team, and we are lucky to have you!

plus, your radiant personality makes us want to come to work every day!

keep up the great work!

greetings, <your name>

13. letter to easily meet the quarterly goal

Your employees will also appreciate a few words of thanks and an extra day off to celebrate their achievement in meeting monthly goals.

dear < employee name >,

This quarter, your team’s performance has been outstanding. it is a great credit to his management and teamwork skills that he has exceeded sales targets by 110 percent with one week remaining.

also, chatting with members of your team reveals that everyone feels respected, challenged and appreciated, which is an achievement in itself.

We all appreciate your efforts to make this team a success. As a token of gratitude, find an extra day of vacation added to your balance at the end of this week. keep up your excellent work!

Best wishes, <your name>

14. letter of thanks for strategic initiatives

Involving employees during the strategic planning process can be difficult but rewarding. this is how you can express your appreciation for their participation and commitment.

hello < employee name >,

thank you for meeting with me yesterday to discuss the new strategic goals. I appreciate your comments and I think we can adopt many of your suggestions.

It’s helpful to have someone with similar experience to talk things over. I appreciate your time, patience and knowledge of the subject. you are a critical member of our planning team.

I’ll send you an update as the initiative moves from planning to execution.

Best wishes, <your name>

15. thank you email for your new hires

Because your new hires are also looking for recognition!

hello < employee name >,

You’ve only been with us for a few weeks, but I can already see your influence on a daily basis. he has done exceptionally well in training, and the quick grasp of his tasks has already paid off. Your effort yesterday to fix the issues with the latest version of our email marketing tool was amazing, allowing us to release it sooner than expected.

but it’s not just your job; your attitude and fit with the team are also outstanding. I’ve noticed that other new team members constantly approach you with questions and their faith in you speaks volumes. I also appreciate your union and participation in the organizing committee of the celebration. living our ideals of teamwork and community will take you a long way.

If there is anything I can do to help you as you begin your first year here, please feel free to contact me. thanks for getting started right away.

honestly, <your name>


It’s not that only the best worker deserves recognition as an employee. Writing a thank you letter to an employee is the little extra effort that shows that you are happy to repay all the constant efforts that contributed directly or indirectly to the success of a project or company goals.

however, be sure to write “thank you” or “thank you for your hard work”. “ or something similar in the subject line of the email. this will help the recipient know what it is before opening it.

If you’re having trouble creating a great letter from scratch, the letter templates above can help.

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