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several iphone, ipad or mac users use aol mail to send or receive emails. You can add your AOL email account to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac easily, automatically or manually. Several users have reported that the built-in mail app keeps asking for their passwords. users have also said they get an error message saying “cannot verify account name or password”. and lastly, users have said they get this message even though they are sure they are entering the correct password.

also having trouble signing in to your aol account? So is this article for you? sometimes you can see this error when you sign in to aol with apple mail app. If you entered your password correctly but still get the error, this article explains how you can fix it.

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could not verify error correction


make sure you are using the latest version of ios, ipados or macos. because you might have this problem if your device is not up to date.

  • ios or ipados: go to settings > generals > software update and then follow the instructions on the screen, an update is available.
  • macos: go to system preferences > software update. this will check for updates and if one is available, follow the on-screen instructions to update your mac.
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create an app password

The first tip is to create an application password and test this password. here’s how:

1. open a web browser and visit and then sign in with your username and password.

2. click on your username (upper right corner).

3. this will open your account settings page. click account security.

4. click generate app password or manage app passwords.

5. this will open a popup menu window. you will see a drop down menu. From this menu, select your device (iPhone Mail, iPad Mail, or Mac Mail) and then click Generate. this will create a new password. now use this new password (you will see instructions on how you can use this password). basically you will copy this password and then go to settings and update your mail password.

remove then re-add

if you still can’t access your aol emails, try deleting your aol account and then add it again. here’s how:

  • mac: open system preferences > internet accounts (or alternatively, in mail, click choose mail and then click accounts). select your aol account and then click the remove (-) button. and then first restart your mac and re-add your mail account.
  • iphone or ipad: tap settings > mail > accounts > aol account > delete account. after deleting your account, restart your iphone or ipad then tap settings > mail > accounts > add account and add your account again.
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If you still have this problem, you can contact Apple or AOL.

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