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many users encounter http 504 aol mail error while using this service. a technical error like this can be seen as a consequence of various reasons. Considering the reasons for the occurrence of this error, it can be resolved on your system. With the best knowledge of this error, we can easily identify its causes and then help you fix it on your system or device.

this post on aol 504 gateway timeout error will shed light on below topics.

what does aol 504 gateway timeout mean?

aol 504 error is a failure that results due to gateway timeout. sometimes a server cannot get a response from any other server. this other server is the same server you were trying to access while reloading the page.

identifying causes of aol 504 gateway timeout error

Here, we have shown 8 reasons that can lead to aol mail 504 bad gateway error.

1. a problem with your operating system or the network you are using could cause this error.

2. there could be a failure in the email servers.

3. problems with the internet connection have been identified as the third cause of it.

4. this error can be seen in cases of software and hardware problems.

5. any dns configuration failure could be the next cause of this aol issue.

6. Incorrect proxy server settings can sometimes result in this http 504 aol mail error.

7. This error can be encountered due to an error with your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

8. In case your aol account has been inactive for about 90 days, you might encounter this error.

how do i fix aol 504 gateway timeout error?

When you encounter aol mail 504 error, you can implement 11 fixes to eliminate it. you can make these corrections without any technical professionals at your side. for all fixes, the necessary information has been listed below.

fix 1: check your device for any errors

It is very likely that the device you are using to view aol emails is problematic. so you may encounter aol mail gateway timeout error.

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then the first solution should be to verify that the device you are using for aol mail does not have any errors. In case your device has a bug, you might see this issue. so to make sure you can check your device first. then you can restart it. if you can still see the problem, you can access aol mail from any other device.

fix 2: close programs and restart your computer

Not just major issues but sometimes minor errors can also cause the aol 504 gateway error. It is possible that you are running certain programs on your computer that may be causing minor errors and causing this error.

you can close programs first. then you can restart your computer. detailed steps to do this are provided below.

1. shut down all programs running on your computer.

2. now, turn off your computer.

3. let your computer rest for 2 minutes.

4. now start your computer again.

5. access aol mail and see if the aol mail http 504 error is still there.

fix 3: try another browser to access aol mail

In some cases, your browser may be incompatible. or it may be out of date or problematic. such being the cases, you might experience the 504 aol gateway timeout error.

to get over it, just use another browser. google chrome or mozilla firefox will be a good choice. however, in our opinion, you can avoid internet explorer as it may not completely eliminate the problem.

fix 4: remove and reinstall your browser

web browsers work fine and smooth. Over time, however, you may start to notice some differences. it may start to work slowly or less efficiently. Issues like 504 aol gateway timeout error can arise as a result of this.

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so if your system browser generates this error, you may consider removing it. once removed, you can install the browser again. then you can check aol mail without errors.

fix 5: refresh aol mail page

after receiving the aol 504 gateway timeout error, did you try refreshing the mail page? if you haven’t, we now suggest you do. the error may not be as big as you think. refreshing the mail page can fix it instantly.

here you can see the exact way to do it.

1. when you are on the aol mail page, press the “f5” key.

2. connection to the server will be made. then check your aol mail.

fix 6: open the web page again

It has been observed that the aol bad gateway 504 issue arises due to web page issues. here, we will advise you to close the web page. then you can open it again to visit aol. then you can see if the problem has been resolved.

fix 7: check proxy settings for any errors

several aol mail users have shared that the proxy settings were incorrect. therefore they were encountering the aol 504 error frequently. entering the correct proxy settings was the solution that worked fine for them. you can also check this setting and correct it if necessary.

fix 8: update your system

The eighth fix for the aol 504 gateway timeout error message has been recognized by many. this solution has shown quick results in getting rid of the error. Based on this solution, you can update your system.

To update it, you can try this set of steps.

1. go to your desktop screen.

2. press the “f5” key a few times.

3. wait for your system to update.

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4. now, make sure the problem is fixed.

fix 9: make sure your internet connection is adequate

To avoid this aol gateway 504 timeout issue, you need to make sure your internet connection is adequate. a bad connection can result in various problems like this. in our suggestion, you can opt for a connection that gives you high speed and works without errors.

fix 10: clear network errors by rebooting your devices

Users who were advised to restart their devices were able to eliminate network issues. as soon as the network problems were cleared up, the aol http 504 error stopped showing up.

you can also try this simple solution. requires you to perform 4 steps to reboot all your devices and make the network error free.

1. turn off your system, router, and modem.

2. wait a while.

3. then turn on your system, router and modem.

4. finally, access aol mail.

You will no longer encounter the http 504 aol mail error.

fix 11: reboot your operating system

In the last revision, we will recommend that you start your operating system again. Unidentified problems with it can cause the 504 aol mail gateway timeout error on your system. As soon as you restart the operating system, this error should stop persisting.

I still can’t fix the http 504 error gateway timeout in aol mail. contact the support team at @ usa/canada +1-866-496-0452 & united kingdom +44 2896 002856

to summarize the above

By now, the meaning of the 504 aol mail error should be clear to you. you may also be in a position to understand the causes of this gateway timeout failure issue. understanding everything about the error makes it much easier to fix it. Would you like access to more useful reading? check out the best way to change aol email password. and also know the correct aol email settings.

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