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Finding an app can be a hassle, don’t you think? we know exactly what you need: folder apps.

Why waste time scrolling through your drawer or even your home screen just to find the app you want to use? You can do better than that and be more efficient with the help of the best folder app for android. an android tracking app can also pique your interest.

yes, you can add multiple screens to accommodate newly downloaded apps, but…

How many apps should reasonably be on a screen before it gets too crowded?

before you know it:

Are the multiple screens you’ve created so cluttered that instead of helping you get organized, things just get messier?

and you end where you started:

swipe here and there just to search for a particular app. it’s a huge waste of time, not to mention it can also be frustrating.

so how can you organize and optimize your app space?

you can create your own folders. but that can also be tedious. or you can just choose the most efficient and hassle-free option: download, install and use the best folder apps for android.

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1. folder organizer

If you find the prospect of adding a bunch of new folders and organizing them tedious, the folder organizer can group and label your app shortcuts for you. the app then lets you customize these folders and associated widgets, so you still have a lot to say about how it’s organized.


  • create app shortcuts
  • change folder icon and sort items
  • group items accordingly
  • customizable folders and widgets
  • scrollable widgets
  • iconfinder support

Once you’ve created these widgets or shortcuts, you can simply tap on them to see everything related to that tag. folder organizer can help you organize bookmarks, apps, contacts and shortcuts.

give this a tr by downloading it below.

2. action launcher: pixel edit

the action launcher is basically an enhanced pixel launcher. It comes with unique features, customizations, and a wide variety of styles and colors. With this app, you can easily transform the look of your home screen.


  • customizable dock search
  • adaptive icon support
  • integrated weather widget
  • full pixel launcher features
  • integration with google discover
  • quick theme to customize home screen
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This app also allows you to import existing layouts from launchers you are already using or are used to. These include android launchers, google now launcher, nova, apex, galaxy touchwiz, and htc sense.

3. nova launcher

maybe nova launcher is not as action packed as action launcher, but maybe that’s not a bad thing, depending on the person. you can have a say in whether you want to access your folder with a swipe or a simple tap. just hold your finger on the folder, press edit > swipe action and choose the shortcut or app you want to launch with the folder gesture. nova swipe actions can be applied to individual apps, not just folders.


  • latest android launcher features
  • custom icon themes
  • dark theme, light theme and night mode
  • customizable app drawer
  • subgrid positioning
  • highly optimized

This app is a versatile, customizable and powerful replacement for your home screen. Despite its advanced features, it is still an easy-to-use app for everyone.

4. smart launcher 5

The smart launcher may not be a folder app per se, but it still serves our purpose: to make your android experience easier and faster. automatically organizes applications and allows you to access them in the most efficient way possible. the launcher itself also strives to be quite customizable, with icon packs, free themes, widgets, and skins.


  • environmental themes
  • adaptive icons
  • automatic app classification
  • ultra-immersive mode
  • weather and weather widget clock
  • wallpaper selection

designed for people who want a smarter and more efficient way to use their smartphones and android devices. A great home screen replacement, it integrates modern solutions and sorts apps into categories.

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download this app and make your daily android tasks easier and faster.

5. context app folder

Looking for an application portfolio that anticipates your needs based on the situation? even your partner probably can’t even do that as well as this app does. your athletic tracking apps suddenly come to the fore when you hit the gym, or your music apps pop up when headphones are connected to your android. cause and effect scenarios make sense and make things more convenient, and the same could be said about downloading this app on your android.


  • custom styles and color options
  • intuitive user interface
  • 10 different triggers
  • categorize apps (fully customizable)
  • compatible with existing launchers

With this app, you can easily create shortcuts and folders on your home screen. this allows you to easily and quickly access your applications.

6. glextor manager & free organizer

google play certainly categorizes their apps, but then you lose that aspect when you download them. glextor changes this to preserve the tagging for easy organization and grouping.

the glextor & folder is an app of many hats: start menu, app and folder organizer, manager, and backup tool. it can take the place of your app drawer and reduce the time you spend searching for apps instead of using them. glextor is one of the best folder apps on android and can serve many other functions as well.


  • automatic grouping into folders
  • quick access via system folders
  • customizable backup and restore settings
  • bookmark favorite apps
  • group shortcuts and widgets
  • interface customization

With its many features, it is one of the best and richest app manager and organizer for android. try this app here.

7. samsung secure folder

this is your safe place. If you need a private and encrypted folder, Samsung uses its Knox platform to give it to you. use it to hide your apps and hide your data, and protect them from nefarious attacks. access to these apps, contacts, pictures, and more can only be gained through the pin, password, pattern, or biometric lock of your choice.


  • securely store private apps and files
  • an extra layer of privacy and security
  • lock Secure Folder
  • manage data from most effectively
  • defense grade knox security
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If you move data and apps to the secure folder, they are saved separately on your samsung galaxy phone for privacy and security. it is a private and encrypted space on your phone.

8. folder lock

If you care more about security and privacy than organizing your apps and folders, check out the folder lock app. it’s an app folder and file lock in 1 app. Designed for the security conscious, this app allows you to password protect your apps, files, photos, contacts, wallets, videos, notes, and more. it also has a clean interface.


  • lock and hide photos and videos
  • gallery lock vault
  • private app lock
  • secure wallets
  • 4 security blocks
  • cloud backup

Try this app by downloading it below.

frequently asked questions

get organized

make your android home look and feel more organized. make things easier and faster to find, or even more secure.

Pretty much any of the folder apps here can transform your interface into something new if you want. find your one app to organize or even rule them all. With any of these apps, you can be more efficient at organizing, accessing, and using all the essential apps in your life.

how do you organize the apps on your android? manually, by an app, launcher, or a combination thereof? share with us in the comments.

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