Ford Sync Apps, Our Favourite Ones To Install in Your Vehicle

we have to give it to ford, every year the advancement of their ford sync technology continues to amaze even us! The embedded technology you’ll find in most new Ford vehicles is among some of the most advanced software you’ll find in a vehicle. One of the best parts is being able to enhance and personalize your connected experience for an even more entertaining ride.

the sync® infotainment system is fully equipped to work with apple carplay and android auto to make it even better, but today we’re excited to show you some of the best features and functions of sync applink, ford’s in-house suite of apps that can help you power up even more.

after asking some of our team members at windsor ford

our favorite ford sync apps

Completely free to download and use, these apps can be installed on most new Ford vehicles and the infotainment system that comes installed. Combine the power of voice-activated navigation, music and more, you can feel much more comfortable when you’re on the open road.

one of our favorite things to do with ford sync is to put on some podcasts and listen to them while cruising down the roads.

in no particular order, these are our favorite ford sync apps that you can install on your ford vehicle.

ford + alexa

one of our favorite apps (coming soon to canada)…the integration with amazon echo and ford sync technology is amazing. With this app, you will get the same features that you enjoy inside your home. Imagine being able to manage your smart home from your vehicle? Asking your vehicle to turn its lights on and off, open its doors is very impressive and one of our favorite features powered by Ford and Amazon. very impressive!

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waze navigation & live traffic

You may never need to install the Waze app on your Ford Sync system, as Sync comes equipped with maps as well as the ability to connect to Google Maps and Apple Maps. the thing is waze if you haven’t tried it its all the extra features it offers! If you enjoy the speed of one of our Roush Ford Mustangs, you may just want to know about photo speed cameras or users who have police speed cameras down. Regardless of being able to integrate Waze into your vehicle, it will add a whole new dimension to your Ford Sync.


The award-winning weather app comes to Ford Sync, providing you with timely weather updates and changes while you’re on the road. With AccuWeather, you can better plan your trips and be prepared for changing conditions while you travel. As we all know, this can be incredibly important to life in Canada to avoid the next snow storm and stay safe while driving.


perhaps our favorite app on this list. Save the charge on your cell phone and integrate the Stitcher app directly into your Ford Sync system. stitcher provides the ability to stream or download some of your favorite podcasts featuring news, sports, comedy, true crime and more. Favorites like Joe Rogan, The Daily, True Crime, and Spittin’ Chiclets all give you the ability to stream and connect directly from the Stitcher app.

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city finder

one of the best things about driving your ford vehicle will be visiting places you are not familiar with. Thanks to the cityseeker ford sync app, you get access to amazing and rich city guides with information on those places, the best restaurants, nightlife and tourist attractions and more! With Happening Events, you’ll get access to the latest happenings at your destination in over 500 cities worldwide.

pandora radio

Free personalized radio with an incredible number of artists and options for your album. If you get tired of satellite radio or even your pre-made playlist, then you should seriously consider giving Pandora a try. offers effortless and endless musical discovery. Simply start with the name of one of your favorite artists or songs and watch Pandora and Ford Sync do the rest.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find something on iheartradio you don’t like. One of the world’s most popular radio streaming apps can be installed on your Ford Sync device so you can listen to all your favorite music and all your favorite stations. Apps like this come and go, but iHeartRadio gives you reliable quality and it’s all free! Listen to unlimited music and thousands of radio stations, all from a single Ford Sync app.

what is your favorite ford sync app?

we want to know what your favorite ford sync app is! is it any of the above or one we missed? let us know below.

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With the announcement that Ford Sync 4 is on the way on nearly all new 2021 Ford models, we hope this list will be updated with the latest features and apps available.

While last year was an exciting year, it’s going to be an exciting year at windsor ford

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