Quick tips: Add LinkedIn Badge to Gmail signature

a simple and quick tip, which will allow you to add the linkedin badge as an icon and not just a text link in your gmail signature. This may seem like a long explanation for a simple “I know” task, but it may be useful to some people.

I know maybe reading the title and saying this is easy, and I already did,

well, in this case, what I’m talking about here is inserting the full badge, which would look more professional than a text link

let’s start…

1-go to linked profile -> hover over the small arrow next to the blue “view profile as” button -> press manage public profile settings

2- on the public profile page in the bottom right corner, press “create a public profile badge”

3- on the profile badge page which you can access directly via “https://www.linkedin.com/profile/profile-badges”, you need to select and copy the url of the profile image the badge you may have one its hard to copy it directly, if this happens just select all the content and copy it to notepad then copy the selected text below of course you can choose any badge you want from the list of badges

4: There are several methods to get your profile url, but to be consistent, we will get the profile url from the badge text shown in step 3, but select the highlighted part as shown below

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5-Keep the copied text in a notepad/text editor for use in the gmail section below

6-in the gmail go to the upper right corner and press settings in the list

7- On the settings page, scroll down to the signature section as shown below

8- press insert image in the edit menu to open the dialog to insert the image

9-in the dialog that will open, go to the insert web address (url) section and paste the url you copied in step 3 -> press select

10-you would have the image inside the signature -> select the image shown and press the url link button in the edit menu

11- press switch in blue shown next to “go to link” -> in the “edit link” window that opens, leave the “text to display” empty and paste your profile url in the “web address” field

12- press ok, you should now have the badge inside your signature and it will direct users to your linkedin profile in a professional way

I know this may not be the hard stuff everyone wants to post on linkedin, I’m just trying to help people who need it, and it’s a bit tricky for some…

good luck, please like if this helps you

thank you

saeed khodor

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