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In the mail ad attribute, the user’s smtp email address can be stored.



This field is not used directly from the Active Directory system for any technical function. needless to say, it is in fact an important information attribute when a mail system is implemented and this information is provided to other users in global address lists or the like. this is why the mail attribute is in the global catalog by default.

For users with an exchange mailbox, the actual addresses of the email recipients are stored in the proxyaddresses multivalued attribute. when proxy addresses are changed manually with management tools or through recipient policy, systems automatically set the value of the attribute mail to the primary smtp address. this is not the case when you set the attribute by script or with programming techniques, thus in return. environments the following rule is valid:

the “mail” and “proyaddresses” attributes must be set together. the value of “mail” has to be the primary smtp address of “proxyaddresses”.

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