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Age of War 2
Max Games Studios
Unlimited Money / Unlocked All Mode
May 20, 2021 (2 months ago)

All modes can be playedEnter the “Hacked Mode” below the game selection to get unused gold coins.

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Age of War 2 is a real battle game where you will have yourself a certain number of troops and are called to take down the enemy base. Simultaneously, it is always a matter of resources that any player will need to pay attention to and creates a challenge for the player. They won’t be able to take their eyes off what this game has to offer and will take the time to learn the mechanics inside this game if they want to win.



Age of War 2 gives you a straightforward designed environment with a certain beauty. You can see that this environment corresponds to the characters you receive in the game, from the stone age to the modern day. It brings an exciting feeling that any player will love and contributes to making the battle more attractive and impressive for players.

In this game, players will experience the game in a 2D environment and see their battle and the enemy’s troops. At the same time, this can be considered a reasonable perspective to come up with appropriate tactics to win the game screen or protect their base in some cases. In addition, the game also possesses more unique elements and makes them unable to take their eyes off this game.



Age of War 2 gives you wholly understandable but equally challenging and unique gameplay. Specifically, you will own yourself a specific army located in the left corner of the screen, and your job is to use your gold to be able to buy a certain number of troops to fight the enemy. All attacks are made automatically, so your job inside this game is to properly use the gold coins you receive in the battle against the army.

The amount of gold will increase when you defeat enemy pieces, and you will be able to buy troops immediately to stop their advance to your base. Each side has a health bar, and the only job you need to do is subtract the enemy’s health from your army. At the same time, this job is not simple because many factors affect the time of the match. For example, the enemy’s strength will be increased over time.

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Besides some troops available, you will sometimes be able to see locked troops in some cases, so your job is to spend a certain amount of money to unlock them. They can then join the match immediately, and it’s all about money and proper use of money. Below the amount, you can see the number of pieces that you can gain, and it is also a limit that you will need to pay attention to.


Age of War 2 gives you troops that are available or need to be unlocked to be used, and they always need money to manipulate the summoning of troops to be performed. But that’s not all; you will have to spend many other things to win the level. The first element is an era upgrade, and this mechanic is similar to the one in Age of Empire where you will be able to achieve a new development with lots of changes.

You will see a blue bar that is always filled, and when a certain amount of bars is reached, you can press the button to go to the next era. Each era has its characteristics with specific skills. At the same time, the types of troops you own will transform with completely upgraded power. So this is one of the ways you can gain new strength to counter the enemy.

If you feel you don’t have enough energy to go to the next age, then you can experience the power upgrade for each type of troops. It’s on the right side of the screen, and every kind of unit has its own two kinds of stat upgrades. Therefore, you will need to consider which stats are beneficial for each group of characters because the later, the more the upgrade will cost more gold. During the game, you will know which stats you should prioritize for each type of piece.


Besides the regular troops, you can also use some turrets to attack enemies approaching your castle. At the same time, it is also upgraded in strength by increasing stats and going to the next era. In addition, you can see next to the upgrade button there will be an attack corresponding to each period. Thus, it can help you earn a large amount of money because of attacking enemies on a large scale but will consume energy to upgrade the age.

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Age of War 2 has selectable enemies inside this game, and each enemy has its characteristics. The enemies you encounter change depending on the mode you choose, Classic or Generals. For the first mode, you will face enemies with similar equipment to you, and the two will try to find ways to increase their strength before the opponent. For Generals mode, you will be confronted with specific characters with their army.

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