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The ice rink itself saw a multimillion dollar upgrade with adding a new dehumidifier system and cooling tower.
Even if condensate is drained, an air conditioner that drains is still less efficient than a single-purpose dehumidifier with a design optimized for dehumidification.
In situations where passive drainage is not feasible or needs to be augmented for further moisture reduction, active (dehumidifier) or passive (desiccant) systems may treat the air stream.
I understand that various dehumidifiers are in use depending on the size, nature and content of the pack.
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Many portable dehumidifiers can also be adapted to connect the condensate drip output directly to a drain via a hose.
The power station”s equipment was kept intact and continually operating dehumidifiers were used to keep it in good condition while the facility was unused.
Humidistats are used in a number of devices including dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and microwave ovens.
Food-grade dehumidifiers, also called atmospheric water generators, are designed to avoid toxic metal contamination and to keep all water contact surfaces clean.
Hardware stores experienced great demand for portable generators, chain saws, dehumidifiers, and air movers following the passage of the hurricane.
Dehumidification can be accomplished with small residential dehumidifiers or using the building”s air conditioning system.

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