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if you have a question in mind “why is my email blocked?” then we have solved your problem.

As you scroll down this article, we’ll make sure you understand what exactly you mean by blocked emails and the reasons why your email is blocked. This article not only talks about why, but also about steps you can take to make things work for you. So let’s find out some common reasons and prevent your emails from being blocked.

You may have experienced your legitimate emails being blocked by mail providers like gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc. p>

Apparently, we’ve solved this common mystery by following the advice of our email experts so we can help you get the most out of your email marketing campaign.

Let’s first understand what you mean by the term blocked email

what is blocked email?

Blocked email is one that is temporarily rejected by the receiving server, not because of any problem with the recipient’s email address, but because of the content of the message. in other words, it is the rejection of the message sent by you rather than any problem on the receiving end.

You may have heard of soft bounce in emails, you may think that blocked emails are a similar situation where the bounce is not permanent for that email address.

Since you don’t want your beautiful email marketing campaigns to go to waste, you really need to understand the basics of why your email is being blocked, so you can avoid the mistakes you’re making and improvise on email. deliverability rates of your email campaign.

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so now we’ll list some common reasons you can avoid when emailing your subscribers!

why is my email blocked?

your emails will be blocked if you are:

1. submit content that looks spammy

Do you receive emails that you think are not worth opening at all?

Those weird subject lines, written in all caps, often in bold, the look itself gives you an idea that it’s not from a legitimate source. purely promotional and sales content makes those emails a deal breaker at first glance.

Even if you open them, the content can have many grammatical errors, excessive use of punctuation, bad spelling, variations in text and color, etc. these are apparently signs of emails coming from a spammer and therefore mailbox providers have special filters that will help them quickly realize where these emails belong, yes you guessed it right, they are marked as spam or blocked.

and so we need to make sure your emails provide value to customers and don’t look like the ones listed above.

Now, this brings us to the second reason why your email is blocked…

2. getting a lot of spam complaints

Now, if your emails look like those spam emails, then obviously the recipients of your emails will complain about such emails. however, if you add lead forms and other suspicious links to collect personal data, you may also annoy your recipients and encourage them to mark you as spam or delete your emails.

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However, if you send them unsolicited links to your website that may appear suspicious, the reputation of your domain or subdomain will be negatively affected. Since all mailbox providers want their customers to have a seamless and non-intrusive experience, they always take user complaints very seriously and would soon block their emails.

remember again! This can terribly affect your email sending reputation, so prevent that from happening!

3. repeatedly sending to invalid email addresses

The first question we want to ask you here is:

Have you bought your subscriber list?

if not, is it clean with the latest updated data?

if you don’t know what we’re talking about then understand it like this…

If you repeatedly send your emails to invalid addresses, no one can prevent your emails from being blocked. so you need to make sure that you build and build your own email list with the help of either a single opt-in with the email validation process (combined with it) or a double opt-in so that you have the email consent of the recipients. subscribers. .

so this is a great way to avoid sending emails to invalid addresses, also if you are bulk emailing in bcc or cc that will also trigger the red alert of blocking your emails , as this strictly indicates that he is a spammer .

Basically, try the setup process to send your emails slowly and gradually increase your email volume. if you want to maintain email list hygiene, try to implement extinction policy.

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4. experiencing technical problems

There may be some technical issues that could affect your email sending process, for example, incorrectly formatted message headers, missing reverse dns, ptr record settings, or authentication errors that can cause delivery challenges of emails and eventually your email will be blocked.

So, if you want an email dispatch service that is available to you 24/7 to handle your queries and take on the burden of all your technical issues, then you can start by registering at pepipost.


There are a few ways that would help you overcome all the challenges of blocking your email:

  1. have a clean email list, check the recipient’s email address to avoid sending emails to invalid addresses.
  2. don’t send mass emails, let your ip and your email sending reputation improve over a period of time.
  3. always remember that google algorithms can easily identify spammers.
  4. lastly follow all points mentioned above to make sure your ip and domain reputation are healthy and avoid getting your blocked emails.

so, these were some tips that will always come in handy for people who want their emails to arrive in the customer’s inbox at all times.

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until then, hurry up, grow better!

Happy emailing!


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