Windows live mail unable to send or receive messages

windows live mail is a popular application used to send and receive emails. However, this application is prone to errors and the most common of them is the windows live mail error: windows cannot send or receive messages.

causes behind

Reading: Windows live mail unable to send or receive messages

Possible causes behind the error could be server issue, network connectivity, inactivity for a long time. here are the manual ways to address this problem.

manual methods to fix window live mail error

change port settings

the easiest way is to change the port setting to 995. make sure ssl is checked and set the port for outgoing mail to 465 and enable the ssl setting as well. now, see if the problem is solved.

disable third party application

The second way is to temporarily disable the antivirus application. could conflict with the windows live mail app. would solve the problem and you can report it to the manufacturer or buy another third-party antivirus application.

scan your pc

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scan your pc and check for malware. you can do it with the help of these steps

  1. start window defender and go to settings and update security settings.
  2. open window defender and start scanning.

troubleshoot network connectivity issues

If the windows live mail error still persists despite all the above efforts, there are chances of network connectivity errors. you can solve it with below mentioned steps.

  • start control panel and go to network and internet
  • in the network and sharing center solve the network problem.
  • a guide will appear problem solving in front of you. you can follow the step by step instructions to resolve the error.
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reinstall windows live mail

if this solution doesn’t work, you can reinstall windows live mail app.

  • open start menu and open control panel and visit programs.
  • in program and features search for windows live mail and uninstall it.

after that, install it once again on your computer system and see if you can send and receive emails.

If these manual methods don’t work, you need to export wlm messages to ms outlook platform. To do this process, you can take the help of a third party application. With this method, you can easily access your important Windows Live Mail messages without any problem.

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Try esofttools windows live mail converter software this tool will definitely get you the solution to access wlm email items. you can also try this app to export all wlm message elements to various unique platforms.

step by step instructions on how to do it

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