Why i am getting email attachments as “winmail

If you want a solution that open Winmail.dat file in Gmail, you are at the right page. In today’s blog, we help the user to transfer Winmail.dat attachment file to Gmail account. But, first let’s look at this query:


I am Bella. Yesterday, I moved thousands of emails from local Outlook storage to Gmail using IMAP. As a result, all attachments have been converted to “winmail.dat”. Fortunately, I can still view the attached files correctly using Outlook / Gmail / IMAP, however, I would like to see the attached files in the Gmail web interface. Is there any way to achieve this conversion ?”

Any query about “How to import Winmail.dat to Gmail ?” It can be resolved using the Winmail.dat Conversion Wizard. This application is specially designed to move attachments Winmail.dat to Gmail. No technical knowledge or external installation required for the conversion of Winmail.dat to Gmail. The utility is efficient for migrating selective and multiple Winmail.dat attachments to Gmail / G Suite account.

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Now, let’s understand the step-by-step process of converting Winmail.dat attachment to Gmail.

How to Convert Winmail.dat Attachment in Gmail Account ?

The process is simple and easy. You do not need to worry about your personal information. Winmail.dat Converter Software does not store any information. It is a platform that many users trust to obtain 100% accurate results after migration of Winmail.dat to Gmail. Follow the steps mentioned below:

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Step-1. Download and start Winmail.dat to Gmail migration tool on the Windows-based machine. Read all the guidelines mentioned in the interface.


Step-2. Pick an option from Select Files or Select Folders to add the Winmail.dat files to convert Winmail.dat to Gmail.


Step-3. Now, check the complete preview of added Winmail.dat files. Then, choose the files for the conversion and click on the Next button.


Step-4. Select the Gmail option in the Saving list.


Step-5. Provide Gmail account login credentials to save Winmail.dat attachment in Gmail account.


Step-6. After selecting all the required options, click on Next to start Winmail.dat to Gmail Migration process.

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One can stop converting Winmail.dat files at any time. Also, you can go to the previous option to correct the information. In this way, one can see all the data in the Winmail.dat attachment to Gmail account. Now, many questions strike people mind when they buy the tool or try the trial version. Let’s discuss the most common questions:

FAQ’s – Winmail.dat to Gmail Migration Tool

How to open the Outlook Winmail.dat file in Gmail account?

Answer: – One can open Outlook Winmail.dat file in Gmail by following the steps mentioned above.

Can I import Exchange Winmail.dat to Gmail using the software?

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Answer: – Yes. The tool supports migrating Exchange Winmail.dat to Gmail, Google Winmail.dat to Gmail, Zoho Mail Winmail.dat to Gmail, iPhone Winmail.dat, Outlook winmail.dat to Gmail, Thunderbird winmail.dat to Gmail, Ubuntu winmail.dat to Gmail, etc.

How do I import Winmail.dat to G Suite (Google applications) with this tool?

Follow the procedure to import Winmail.dat attachment file to G Suite

Install and start Winmail.dat Converter Tool on Windows machine. Then, Select File/Folder to add Winmail.dat attachment files and click Next.Choose the folder for Winmail.dat to G Suite migration and check the preview. Hit Next.Select G Suite in the Saving option list. Enter your G Suite account user name and password. Then, finally, click on the Next button.The utility starts migrating Winmail.dat attachment to G Suite. The process will finish in some time.

Advanced Features of Winmail.dat to Gmail Converter Tool

The software has many advanced features that make the process to transfer attachment Winmail.dat file in Gmail an effortless task.

Winmail.dat to Gmail Migrator allows the user to move multiple Winmail.files at once.It is a user-friendly application that anyone can use to open Winmail.dat in Gmail.The software is designed by professionals and supports Winmail.dat files of various types such as Winmail.dat ATT00005, ATT00001.dat, etc. Also, the tool is compatible with Winmail.dat files from various applications like Exchange Winmail.dat, Outlook Winmail.dat, Zimbra Winmail.dat, etc.This trusted application provides 100% accurate results with complete information.The software preserves the hierarchy of folder, metadata properties when converting Winmail.dat attachment to Gmail.The tool supports all versions of Windows Operating System. Also, it supports all the versions of MS Outlook.

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Client’s Review

私はこのソリューションを探していましたwinmail.dat 開き方 gmail. 非常に有用で一貫しています。 また、スムーズに動作します。

Stein Borg, Japan

Winmail.dat gmail 転送 oplossing is zeer nuttig om Winmail.dat-bestand te migreren naar Gmail-account. Ik ben zeer tevreden met de werking en functie van het hulpmiddel.

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– Jack Blair, South America

The Final Words

Converting Winmail.dat to Gmail is an easy task with the right tool. In the above blog, we mentioned the popular solution to achieve the conversion process of attachments Winmail.dat in Gmail account. Another key thing to keep in mind is that the task is simple and requires less time. Also, you can try the free demo version of the software that converts the first 5 Winmail.dat files to Gmail. Therefore, download the tool and migrate Winmail.dat attachments to Gmail effortlessly.

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