Tinder Borrows A Page From Uber With Its New ‘Swipe Surge’, What Is Swipe Surge Feature On Tinder

Ever wish you knew exactly when the odds of getting into a real time message exchange on Tinder were at their highest?



Enter Swipe Surge.

Tinder”s Swipe Surge is a feature that provides real-time updates when user activity in your area spikes. So you know when to hop on and get in on some of that hot matching action.

A Swipe Surge can last anywhere from a couple minutes to a few hours or more – it all depends on the user activity levels.

According to the popular dating app, you’re 250% more likely to get Tinder matches during a Swipe Surge, and you’ll get into a Tinder conversation 33% faster.

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And thanks to a “Swipe Surge” badge, you’ll know which of your matches are currently active. That means you have the potential to go from messaging to meeting up in no time flat.

But knowing exactly when to hop on and start swiping isn’t the biggest advantage of a Tinder Surge.

When you respond to the push notification, your profile jumps in front of all the people who aren’t using the feature, so other users in your area will see your profile first. It’s basically like a free Tinder Boost.

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What Triggers A Swipe Surge?

According to the dating app, a number of variables will trigger a surge, including whenever the number of active Tinder users in your area is two times the normal average. The boost in activity typically coincides with big events, like a concert, festival, holiday, party, etc.

The app’s preliminary data shows surges also tend to happen on Monday nights, although they can occur at any time. So far the app is only being tested in select markets, and users in those areas can generally expect a Tinder Swipe Surge notification every week or so.

How Do I Sign Up For Swipe Surge?

Right now, the feature is available on iOS, and only rolled out in major US cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, as well as a handful of international locations.

Once it’s available in your area, signing up is easy. Simply turn on the push notifications and you’ll start receiving real-time updates.

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Get More Dates During A Swipe Surge

Thanks to Swipe Surge, getting your Tinder profile in front of more eyes is easy. But finding a match still requires having a profile that makes them swipe right in the first place, and hopefully compels them to return your message.

You’ll find plenty of expert Tinder tips here, but for now let’s focus on the two main “make or break” components – your primary photo and your conversation starter.

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Make Your Primary Tinder Photo A Right Swipe Magnet

When people respond to a Swipe Surge notification, they’re primed to do some hard core swiping. That means your primary photo needs to command attention because you’re got even more competition than usual.

But don’t worry – help has arrived from a rather unlikely source: a team of neuroscientists in the Netherlands who used the magic of science to identify the traits attractive Tinder pics all have in common.



So now that you know what it takes to wow her with your photo – you need to wow her with your first Tinder message.

3 Tinder Openers That Make Her Eager To Respond

As with practically anything in life, convenience is king on apps like Tinder. People are more apt to do something when it’s easy and fun.

Tinder conversation starters are no different – the more fun it is to think about and the easier it is to respond, the higher the odds of you getting a response.

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And remember, you’ll be messaging women who are using the app Tinder right now, so you need proven material right at your fingertips to get this party started.

Here are 3 Tinder conversation starters for guys that really work:



Want 11 more Tinder first messages you can deploy during a Swipe Surge? Click here!

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