What is google circles?

I see that in my Gmail contacts there are duplicated contacts that come from Google+ as below snapshot.

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I really don”t want those contacts appear in my Gmail. How can I get rid of it?



Short of deleting your Google+ profile, you cannot. There is no setting within Gmail to remove or hide that set of contacts.

Some custom CSS might allow you to hide them, but they won”t actually be removed.

In my Gmail Contacts I created a New Group called “GPlus”. I selected all of the Google+ contacts from “Other Contacts” and moved them to “GPlus”.Then I selected everything in “GPlus” and unchecked “My Contacts”.Now each time I follow someone in Google+, I go into “Other Contacts”, move them to “GPlus”, and deselect “My Contacts”.

If you do it this way, everything still shows up in Circles.

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Do the following: circlescircle actionsedit circle

Type the name of the person in

type the name box

When the name shows up, delete it.


Only thing you can do is to change the name of the person in your contact according to his google+ profile name. That”s how he will not appear twice in your contact list.

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