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Lyn Evans loves Wellesley and is coming baông xã to us

After closing its 32 Church Street doors on July 1, 2021, Lyn Evans just couldn’t stay away. The women’s clothing boutique will reopen in fashionable new digs in mid-September at 87 Central St. (the former home of Wildflower). The team tells us there’s just a little bit of work khổng lồ be done in the new space. They’re building out dressing rooms & making decisions about how lớn showcase a curated selection in their smaller space.

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Pure Glow is back

Sometimes when we see a business has “temporarily” closed in town, it turns out not to lớn be so temporary. But Pure Glow, the organic spray tanning business that shuttered its Church Square spot in February to focus on its Boston business during the pandemic, has announced plans khổng lồ reopen in Wellesley on Sept. 13.

Its 1,000 sq. ft. studio at 22 Church St. boasts 6 treatment rooms, và includes LED light therapy for the body & face, and an infrared sauna.
The studio is open from 10 AM – 6 PM Monday to lớn Friday and 10 AM – 5 PM Saturdays. Pure Glow is seeking full-time receptionists in Wellesley and Boston.

Church Square goes designer route

20-year-old interior design firm Capello Design has announced plans khổng lồ move its studio from its 445 Washington St., location in Wellesley to lớn 24 Church St., formerly home page khổng lồ nuts và chocolate cửa hàng Fastabỏ ra.

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The firm will work with its thiết kế clients and offer various accessories & art at the new location.

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Capello says on its Facebook page: “We will also pay homage khổng lồ Fastađưa ra chocolates who many people in town miss including me! So from time time I promise lớn offer their chocolates to lớn sample along with champagne of course!”

Next door on Church Street is new tenant Katie Rosenfeld & Company, another interior kiến thiết outfit.

Linden Square sidewalk sale


The place to score great shopping deals will be Linden Square during the blow-out Sidewalk Sale from Thursday, September 9 – Sunday, September 12. Loads of merchants will have their goods out all day, so don’t miss the discounts at this fun yearly event.

There will be đơn hàng of up to 70% off on SALE items only at your favorite stores. Sort through racks và racks khổng lồ find that go-anywhere dress, comfy work-out clothes, tops galore, baby gear, và more.

Save sầu the date for Parents Day Out in Wellesley Square


The Wellesley Square Merchants’ Association is getting ready for two big days of their always-popular fall shopping event. Parents Day Out will take place on Friday, Sept. 17 & Saturday, Sept. 18, and participating stores throughout Wellesley Square will offer discounts, special offers, & surprises.

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Details lớn follow.

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