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Kev from Rogers, ArI had a 45 rpm record of two of David Seville/The Chipmunk”s other songs, “Sing a Goofy Song” and “She”ll Be Coming “Round The Mountain”. Many years later, I discovered the episodes of The Alvin Show that featured those respective songs on YouTube, as well as many other songs and episodes that until then had been way back in the farthest reaches of my memory. When I played those videos, I was overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia, and came to realize just how much of an influence The Alvin Show had been in my very early years. But later, for some reason Bagdasarian Productions made YouTube remove those videos, and now, maybe they”re lost forever.Kev from Rogers, ArI remember this song as a real little kid, no more than 4 years old. The Alvin Show was my absolute favorite TV show at the time, and I remember the song and it might have been my first memory of seeing alphabet letters on TV. OO-EE-OOH-AH-AH. They certainly stayed in my mind after I saw them on the TV. 

And that song became a kind of theme song among neighborhood kids, as we sang part of it whenever we got together. 1962 or 63.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn May 4th 1958, David Seville performed “Witch Doctor” on the CBS-TV program “The Ed Sullivan Show”…One month earlier on April 8th, 1958 it entered Billboard”s Top 100 chart; and April 22nd, 1958 it peaked at #1 (for 2 weeks) on Billboard”s Best Sellers chart and spent 19 weeks on the Top 100…As already stated it reached #1 on Billboard”s R&B Singles chart, that was on May 20th, 1958 for one week…He had five other charted records under the name David Seville; “Armen”s Theme” (#42 in 1957), “Gotta Get To Your House” (#77 in 1957), “The Bird On My Head” (#34 in 1958), “Little Brass Band” (#78 in 1958), and “Judy” (#86 in 1959)…Mr. Seville, born Rostom Sipan Bagdasarian, passed away on January 16th, 1972 at the young age of 52 (heart attack)…May he R.I.P.James from Norfolk, VaGoes to show you that playing around (experimenting with) with recording equipment will lead to some interesting contributions to musicmaking like backmasking, iterative sounds and words, soundbites, sampling, synth sounds, distortions, subliminal sounds, multitonality, etc. + The scatting from Witch Doctor shows up concealed in the very last song in Grease. + Sometime after making this song, David Seville was driving his car donw a country road and came across a chipmunk that was sitting in the middle of the road. David tried to get it to move out of the way, but the rodent held his ground defiantly. That”s how he came up with chipmunks being the animals of choice for his next hit record. Michael from Mcfarland, WiFans of this great man know that this is NOT his first single. He had a very interesting career before his breakthrough with this big hit.Stolf from Ogdensburg , NyThe question of whether “Witch Doctor” was a chipmunk song was addressed on “The Alvin Show.” Dave is showing the boys ceremonial masks, and Alvin asks if they can sing “Witch Doctor.” Dave replies: “I don”t think so, fellas…I made that record once.” Alvin insists: “Yeah, but not with us, c”mon!” And so they do. So it wasn”t, then it was, I guess you could say. (You can see this clip on Youtube…I just did.)Mike from Franklin County, PaDavid Seville made the voice of the the Witch Doctor in the bathroom of his own house . He used a tape recorder that takes round – wheel tapes , and recorded his own voice while singing the lyrics ; then he would play it back on fast – forward , making his voice sound like chipmunks. 

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He used this same technique to make the voices of Alvin , Simon and Theodore .G. from Newport News, VaQuagmire used this all-too-familiar phrase as a ha-ha in your face jibe during the recent Family Guy ep, “You may now kiss the…whoever receives.”Ruy from Rio De Janeiro, BrazilMark is absolutely right. “Witch Doctor” was released in 1958 in the name of David Saville. The Chipmunk craze started in 1959, first through the hit of “Alvin”s Harmonica”, then with the follower “Ragtime Cowboy Joe”, in the same year, and always in the same label (Liberty Records).Ed from Canton, OhI had this album. Did I say that out loud?Mark from Lancaster, OhUh, I remember this when it came out, and I don”t think that it was ever credited to The Chipmunks, at least not at the time. That is, Ross B. certainly produced and sang the thing, and he was also The Chipmunks, but I don”t believe that either Alvin or the other characters were ever associated with Witch Doctor. It wouldn”t have made any sense: we”re supposed to be hearing the voice of a witch doctor in this effort, not small rodents. see more comments


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