The Ultimate Guide to Ringless Voicemail Marketing

Tired of your sales team wasting hours on the phone with no results? learning how to leave voicemail without calling can drastically reduce the number of hours each salesperson spends on the phone. Even better, putting ringless voicemail software to work for your business will increase your overall sales.

what are voice drops without timbre?

Before you can decide if Ringless Voicemail is right for your business, you need to develop a firm understanding of what it actually does. Often referred to as drop or voicedrop, this technology allows you to place a professionally recorded marketing message on each recipient’s voicemail without their phone ringing.

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There are numerous advantages to taking this approach, which we’ll discuss in more detail below. however, the most important takeaway is that ringless voicemail boxes have a proven track record of converting interested leads into sales.

eight benefits of ringless voicemail software

If you really want to save time, increase worker productivity, and also connect with a higher percentage of qualified leads, you should definitely consider an automated voicemail provider. after all, this targeted marketing method will allow sellers to focus on what they do best: selling.

1. increase time to actual sales

When a call goes directly to voicemail, it speeds up the timely process of dialing, listening to the dial tone, and waiting for an interested prospect to answer. The sad truth is that it takes most salespeople an average of 18 phone calls before connecting with a human being. even when this happens, the odds of closing each call with a sale are slim to none. Fortunately, you can eliminate all this wasted time and frustration with voicemail software.

2. increase qualified leads

Making 18 calls to get an answer takes a lot of time. the situation gets worse when you realize that only 50 percent of your potential customers will need the product in question. In other words, it can take up to 36 calls to connect with a single prospect. From there, you have to deal with the cold, hard fact that only 19 percent of shoppers actually want to talk to a seller when they first become aware of a product. when a call goes directly to voicemail without ringing, it eliminates these long, unproductive steps. when someone calls back, your sales team will know that you already have an interested prospect on the line.

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3. avoid bad timing

Consider the following scenario: You’ve just had an argument with your spouse. before he has a chance to regain his composure, the phone rings. Whether you answer the call or send it straight to voicemail, the interruption is likely to irritate you. no matter what the person on the other end of the line sells, a negative opinion will have already been formed. this isn’t the seller’s fault, but that probably won’t change your mind.

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The scenario described above shows one of the many potential dangers of calling people. but if your call goes straight to voicemail, you can avoid the bad timing trap. your call will no longer disturb the prospect during a turbulent situation, giving them enough time to calm down before listening to your voicemail marketing message.

4. reduce seller burnout

Even the best salespeople are not immune to the devastating effects of constant rejection. Whether they’ve been hung up, said “no” dozens of times in a row, or cursed at, rejection by those who mistreat sellers can lead to burnout. this often reduces job satisfaction and takes away that special drive. As a result, your closing rate will decrease, as will the delivery of your company’s message. In other words, seller burnout hurts everyone.

going to voicemail without ringing will prevent your employees from being reprimanded by uninterested third parties. avoiding negative sales call experiences will help them maintain a positive attitude toward qualified leads.

5. increase customer satisfaction

Up to 84 percent of dissatisfied consumers complain that salespeople are too pushy. When you remove the variable live human element from the equation with voice broadcasting, you get a marketing message that provides pertinent details without sounding pushy or desperate. Listening to a voicemail drop gives consumers the ability to really get your message across without worrying about being annoyed by a salesperson. By helping them relax, you’ll give your potential customers a better chance to consider the benefits of buying your product.

6. increase performance with emails only

Emails have become the preferred marketing method for many businesses, and it’s definitely wise not to ignore this form of outreach. however, you should also add no-ring voicemail drops to increase the overall performance of your marketing strategy. studies show that up to 33 percent of people listen to voice messages. this is higher than the top open rate for email marketing, which currently stands at 27.35 percent. Naturally there will be some overlap, but the combination of these two powerful platforms can get your message across to 60 percent of your potential customers.

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To put the above statistics into perspective, salespeople who make one-on-one calls are likely to speak to about five or six people for every 100 calls. meanwhile, up to 33 potential customers out of 100 will listen to your voice message. add email to this scenario and you’ll successfully connect with up to 60 of the same 100 leads with minimal effort.

7. eliminates human error

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How many times have you felt embarrassed for leaving a voicemail with a mistake? Even the best salespeople occasionally slip up and do something silly, like fumble for your name, say the wrong business information, or misquote key details about a sale. Despite the fact that we all do this at times, consumers can be cruel in trying to hold you accountable for any mistakes made in your favor. Also, messages that contain errors sound unprofessional and degrade consumer confidence.

don’t let human error cause problems for your business. By using ringless voicemail technology, you can avoid errors and ensure that all potential customers receive exactly the same information. It will also prevent your salespeople from having self-doubt that can be triggered by leaving a poor voicemail message.

8. respect the privacy of the potential client

Some people have a good reason for wanting to hide their drinking activity from other people in their household. For example, a wife who wants to surprise her husband with an extravagant gift will not be happy if she finds out ahead of time due to a sales call. a voice drop will give the leader the opportunity to hear her message without intrusive phone calls that might draw the attention of her family. The prospect also won’t have to worry about somehow communicating during an unexpected live call without revealing the secret of it to anyone within earshot.

learn how to call voicemail directly

There’s no trick to this process, but it’s also not something that just anyone can do. we can send a call directly to voicemail using server to server communication. In a nutshell, this means that our voice drops software communicates directly with each potential customer’s voicemail server. it’s similar to the difference between tweeting someone publicly and sending a direct message.

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Is Ringless Voicemail the Future of Sales?

People tend to lead busy lives and there are no signs that this will change in the near future. if anything, the rhythm of our lives becomes more intense with each passing year. salespeople know that calling someone when they’re busy is a recipe for disaster. But how can you avoid this when your leads are practically always engaged in a work or personal issue?

If you use voicemail software correctly, you’ll benefit from delivering key details in a customer-friendly way. Just as many consumers research products and services online on their own schedule, your discreet voicemail will be waiting to help them when they have enough time to really consider your sales pitch. Sending a message via ringless technology is also a great way to connect with introverted prospects who cringe every time the phone rings.

be prepared for callbacks

Instead of wearing them down with constant outgoing calls, have your best salespeople on hand to answer the incoming calls generated by automated voice messages. each caller will already know the basics of your products or services, and will identify themselves as someone who is interested in learning more. A consumer who shows this level of interest should be easy for experienced salespeople to convert into a paying customer.

choice of your provider

There are several providers of no-ring voicemail, so make sure you’re making a smart choice. The last thing you want is to sign a contract with a provider that isn’t properly equipped to deliver a high-quality voice streaming experience.

We take pride in delivering the excellent customer service and top-notch results your business deserves. our drops go directly to voicemail on landlines and mobile devices. so if your prospects are using one of the best voicemail apps, we’ll still be able to connect with them. this level of performance is virtually guaranteed to make your phone ring and increase your business’s overall close rate.

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