Track Your Stimulus Check Through The Post Office – Heres How


When will your stimulus check arrive? the United States. the post office wants to help.

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Here’s what you need to know.

where’s my stimulus check?

where’s my stimulus check? is a popular question that many Americans still ask. If you did not receive your stimulus check via direct deposit, you will likely receive your stimulus check, also known as an economic impact payment, in the mail as a paper check or debit card.

  • if you filed a 2018 or 2019 income tax return, the irs sends stimulus checks each week based on gross income per this stimulus check schedule. Stimulus checks are mailed in reverse order of gross income, which means that tax filers with relatively lower gross incomes will receive their stimulus checks sooner than tax filers with higher gross incomes.
  • you can still check the get my payment tool option on the irs website. however, many people still receive error messages and experience crashes when trying to get information about their stimulus check.
  • If you receive social security or disability benefits, you may have received your stimulus check at through direct deposit. If not, you will likely receive your stimulus payment in the mail.
  • You can also call the IRS about your stimulus check. however, you may have to settle for an automated message. While the IRS is starting to add 3,500 phone representatives, it can be difficult to talk to a live person anytime soon.
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track your stimulus check through the post office

The United States Post Office now offers a free service to track your stimulus check. it’s called informed delivery and it allows you to get a digital preview of your mail. How does informed delivery work?

  • register for free.
  • this is an automated service and you can cancel at any time.
  • there is a free app for android and iphone.
  • u.s. the post office takes digital images of all your incoming mail, so you can preview your mail and know when it will arrive.
  • once your stimulus check has been sent, the post office will take a picture of the envelope containing your stimulus check payment.
  • You will receive an email or be able to access an online dashboard every day from Monday to Saturday with any mail that is scheduled to arrive and a grayscale image of each mail.

how to sign up to track your stimulus check

You can sign up for informed delivery to track your stimulus check in a few easy steps:

  • visit the usa. uu. post office website for reported delivery.
  • tap “sign up for free”.
  • enter your residential mailing address to verify that reported delivery is available in your area. tap “continue”.
  • select a username, password and security questions.
  • Enter your contact information. tap “continue”.
  • then you will be asked to verify your identity. you can choose to receive verification by phone or mail (or even in person at a post office).
  • You are registered.
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is this the best way to keep track of your stimulus check?

The Get My Payment tool is still the best way to keep track of your stimulus check. informed delivery can help provide advance notice. However, Informed Delivery Service cannot predict exactly when your stimulus check will arrive if the IRS has not sent you a stimulus check. the informed delivery tool only works once your stimulus check has entered the postal service.

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