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maybe you are experiencing gmail not working on your phone, don’t panic. all you need to do is follow the solutions we have explained below. get it right, and your gmail messages can start pouring in, and your notification sound will be busy again. Here is what you need to do to fix gmail not working.

how to fix gmail not working

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clear browser cache

A cache is a copy of your visit to a website saved in your browser for a later visit, so that the browser does not have to reload the entire page. a cache is not exclusive to browsers these days. Almost all mobile apps now have cache enabled, including the gmail app browser. however, let’s discuss how to clear the browser cache of the gmail app:

  • Go to the “settings” icon on your phone.
  • click “apps & notifications” and look for the gmail
  • click the gmail app.
  • locate the “storage and cache” and click on it
  • you will get a new page showing “clear storage” and “clear cache”, select “clear cache” and all is good to go.

However, not all phones are created equal; your phone may be “app manager” if you don’t see app & notification.

reboot phone

When your gmail is not working, you can also try restarting your phone because mobile phones sometimes also experience overheating which causes them to slow down. the procedure is to press and hold the power button, an option to “power off” or “reboot” will appear. select “reboot” and wait for your phone to reboot. once your phone is back on, try accessing your gmail and see if it will work.

download the latest gmail app

The gmail app may not work if you are not using the updated version on your phone. you may need to update it through a simple step. Please search “google play store” on your phone represented by a slanted triangle shape to update your gmail app. play store is always installed internally on all android phones so it is easy to locate. however, let’s break down the procedure for ease of understanding:

  • click play store on your phone icon.
  • go to the “search” box and type “ latest version of the gmail app“, and press the “go” button on your keyboard or the search icon represented by a microscope shape.
  • the gmail app will load immediately, depending on your internet connection. select the “update” option and wait for the process to finish. once the process is finished, you can access your gmail again and see if it works.
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verify network connection

Many factors can cause gmail not to work on your phone and sometimes it may be that your network provider is not stable with an internet connection. You can check your internet connection in two different easy ways:

uninstall and reinstall gmail

This is the easiest thing to do, uninstall your gmail app and reinstall it. Let’s break down the “uninstall” and “reinstall” process.

how to uninstall gmail

  • go to your phone settings.
  • select the “app and notification” option, where you will see the options
  • select “uninstall” and wait for it to finish the process.

how to reinstall

  • go to the play store on your phone.
  • type gmail in the search icon and press “search” or “go” depending on your phone’s keyboard settings
  • once the internet loads the gmail app, select install and wait while the process runs on your phone, you can start over by logging into your gmail account once the installation is complete.

log out

You may need to log out of your account and wait a bit before logging back in. below is the quick step to do it:

  • click on the extension on the right side of your gmail app, where there is an image icon.
  • tap “manage account on this device”.
  • click delete account and you will be signed out of your account. there you have it, all done and removed.
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check gmail status

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sometimes your gmail may not work due to status mode and until you change it you may not get a notification. the notification status mode can be “none”, which means you don’t want to be bothered by emails. Even if you have more than one gmail account on your phone, here’s how to reset it:

  • open your gmail app on your phone.
  • tap the menu at the top left
  • from the prompt, find settings and click on it.
  • you will be taken to general settings; tap the gmail account.
  • tap the notification and select “everyone” from the option.

Another thing to do is click on the inbox notifications option and select “notify for every message” which turns on sound or vibration for any message that arrives in your gmail.

gmail sync settings

when sync is turned on in gmail, new emails and notifications arrive automatically; otherwise, you must upgrade. plus, when you sign in to your mail on a new device (your phone, for example), your extensions from the old device kick in and start doing their job without having to reinstall them. everything you save in google enters automatically. It will even automatically log you into other google services like youtube. here’s how to sync or check:

  • open your gmail app
  • click the image
  • tap “manage account “.
  • Locate the auto sync data. turn it on by sliding the icon to the right.
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Note that this mentioned step is in the latest version of the gmail app; yours might be different if you haven’t updated. the older version is usually visible if you click the three horizontal lines icon on the top left where functions like inbox, sent, spam are found.

check phone storage

lack of phone storage may cause your gmail account not to work because the app needs space to work. you can solve it by clicking the settings icon storage and clear internal storage. To make the breakdown easier, follow these steps:

  • click the settings icon.
  • locate the phone storage and click it
  • clean up your internal shared storage by clicking the paintbrush icon , allow your phone to scan for junk and delete it.

Also, delete apps, pictures, or documents you no longer need by tapping the internal shared storage and proceeding to delete the files you don’t need.

Also, we have situations where even if these steps are followed, the gmail app will not work properly. there is no need to worry as carlcare service can provide a solution. We have been solving problems with the gmail app on itel, infinix and tecno for years. all you need to do is find a carlcare office near you, and everything will be resolved in a short period of time.

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