Unable to setup a gmail or yahoo! mail account with blackberry internet service

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The Gmail or Yahoo! Mail email address and password are entered correctly, however the account is unable to validate.

Watching: Unable to setup a gmail or yahoo! mail account with blackberry internet service

The Gmail account may be able to be setup in some cases, but then becomes invalid within a minute or shortly after.


This issue can be caused by one of the following:

Google has restricted account access based on attempts to access from an unknown source.Google’s 2-step verification process for account authentication is in use.The All Mail label is not set to show or IMAP/POP is not enabled.

 Yahoo! Mail:

Yahoo!’s 2-step verifications process for account authentication is being used.

If the issue continues, visit the Google httl.com.vn/en site and search for “My client isn’t accepting my username and password”. Complete the listed troubleshooting tips such as signing into the Google Mail account from the web and completing the Captcha unlock process.

Resolution for Cause 2

With Google’s 2-step verification process for account authentication, an application-specific password must be created to setup your Gmail account with the httl.com.vn/en Internet Service. When attempting to setup a Gmail account using 2-step verification, be sure to use the application-specific password and not the Google account password. For more information on app-specific passwords, visit the Google httl.com.vn/en site and search for “Sign in using App Passwords”.

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For more information on Google 2-step verification, visit the Google httl.com.vn/en site and search for “About 2-Step Verification”.

Resolution for Cause 3

Complete the following steps from a browser on a computer:

Click on the Gear icon or Options in the top-right corner.Click Settings.Click the Labels tab.For each of the following labels, click Show and also select the Show in IMAP check box on the right:All MailSent MailTrashUnder the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, complete the following:In the POP Download section, select Enable POP for all mail.In the IMAP Access section, select Enable IMAP.Click Save Changes at the bottom.

After completing these steps, please attempt to setup the Gmail account again.

Yahoo! Mail:

In order to add the Yahoo Mail account on the smartphone, enter the app password rather than the account password.

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For more information on Yahoo! app passwords, visit the Yahoo httl.com.vn/en site and search for “Understand and create app passwords”.

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