Notifications Not Working In Tinder Say I Have Messages When I Don'T?

Tinder messaging works like a standard iMessage, where users can send messages back and forth via wifi. Users can also see when other users are typing. However, sometimes Tinder will show messages when there’s actually no messages available. Why does this happen?

Tinder will sometimes show that you have messages even though you may not because the user deleted their profile or unmatched you. Tinder also tends to glitch from time to time and will display a new notification icon even though there are no messages.

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In this article, we’re going to show you why Tinder may say that you have a message, even though you may not.

Tinder Notification With No Messages

Tinder has millions of users worldwide. Due to the high usage of the mobile app, there are times where the app will either glitch or show some sort of error.

User Has Unmatched You

One of the most common reasons there will be a notification with no message is the user has unfortunately unmatched you. If you’re having a back and forth conversation with another user, then they unmatch you, the red chat icon will still be displayed.

It’s important to check your matches frequently, that way you can respond in a timely manner. Users will unmatch if your conversation goes for the worst, but also if you’re slow to respond (over 3-4 days).

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The red dot notification will still be shown if a user does unmatch you, and you will have to wait a few times after opening and closing the app for it to disappear.

User Has Deleted Their Account

Another reason why the red dot icon may still be visible is that the user messaged you, then soon after deleted their profile.


It’s common for Tinder users to be active one day and not the next. If a user messages your profile, then decides they want to delete their profile, you will see a red dot notification still.

In order to remove this red dot notification, you will need to wait until the system catches up. This may require you to open and close the app several times in order for the app to recognize the user doesn’t exist anymore and to clear the message.

Tinder Has Encountered A Glitch

Another common reason why Tinder may show a chat notification, even though you may not have one, is because Tinder has a glitch.

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Tinder is consistently fetching profiles, finding users nearby, and messaging. There’s a lot from a technical standpoint, that goes into the Tinder mobile dating app.

Due to the high volume of users on the app and all the technical specifications, Tinder can sometimes glitch and show a notification when there is none.

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This is common when you may have just got a message, responded, and then closed the app. Tinder hasn’t caught up to your action yet and will show a notification that you still have a chat message.

In order to clear the Tinder chat notification, simply open up your chat, and close the app. Do this several times if it still appearing. Tinder will eventually check to see that there are no messages and clear itself.

Clear The Chat Notifications

We recommend going to the chat queue, back to the main menu, then exit and open the app. Going back and forth between opening and closing the app will make Tinder check if you have any chat messages.

Although this may be frustrating, it’s the only way to remove the chat messages if they keep appearing.

If this doesn’t work and you still want to delete the messages, simply delete the app completely and redownload it. Deleting it will force Tinder to check for the chat messages and display if you have any messages or not.

If you’re still having issues, we recommend contacting Tinder directly to ask them to fix any issues you may be having.


Tinder will show a chat nofitication, even though you may have cleared the chat due to a glitch, the user deleting their profile or the user umatching you.

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In all of these instances, we recommend opening the app and navigating to the chat queue. From here, go back to the main screen and see if the notificaiton clears.

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If the notification doesn’t clear, repeat the process until it goes away. The reason the notification doesn’t disappear is because Tinder takes a few seconds to register that there are no new messages.

If you continue to have this issue, we recommend deleting the app completely, and redownloading.

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