Tinder: There’S No One New Around You : A Week With Tinder

All your Tinder reset questions answeredThe best time to reset for the highest increase in matchesFind out if hard resetting Tinder hurts your ELOAn easy to follow guide to reset your Tinder accountHow to create the perfect first Tinder photo (Get more matches!)And the formula of a bio that gets her to text first

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#1: Can I reset Tinder?

Yes, you can reset Tinder.

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Onto tip #2.


Just pulling your leg.

Whether Tinder can be reset is only the tip of the iceberg.

You also want to know:

If a Tinder reset leads to more matchesIf a reset account comes with a ‘newbie boost’If you can reswipe profiles that already rejected youAnd if there are any downsides to a reset

All these questions and more will be answered below.

#2: Can you only reset your Tinder swipes?

I receive this question all the time and it can be understood in a shocking amount of ways.

What people mean is usually one of three questions:

Can I get a do-over for the profiles I’ve already swiped?Can I restore my swipes (when I go over the max limit and don’t want to wait 12 hours)?Can I do something so that I can be seen by girls who already swiped me left (I have a much better profile now)?

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Let’s answer these questions one at a time.

1. Can I get a do-over for the profiles I’ve already swiped?

No. But when enough time passes, Tinder shows you profiles you’ve already seen.

2. Can I manually restore my swipes?

No. There are only three ways to get more swipes.

Buy Tinder Plus or GoldWait 12 hoursHard reset (new Tinder account, different Facebook/phone number)

3. Can I do something so that I can be seen by girls who already swiped me left?

No. But Tinder gives you a second chance to be seen by people who already swiped you, after an undisclosed period.

The current theory says that period shortens when your profile jumps to a higher Elo.

Elo is the rating Tinder gives your profile. And it’s basically a reflection of what kind of attention your profile gets.

Simply put: the more likes your profile gets, the higher your score.

The higher your score, the higher the quality of girls you see.

Your Tinder rating is actually far more complex. More on that later.

First, let’s dig into the details of resetting Tinder.

Starting with the question…

#3: Is it smart to reset your Tinder account?

Resetting your Tinder account can absolutely increase your matches, but it can also be a disaster.

For years the Tinder reset worked wonders.

Delete account, remove Tinder from phone, reinstall, sign up and PRESTO:

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You got another chance to match with the cuties who Noped you (that’s Tinder’s technical term for being swiped left).You got put at the top of the Tinder stack by a ‘newbie boost’.And all your bad behaviour (general misconduct) was forgiven.

At first, only a select few knew of the magical powers of the Tinder reset.

But soon word got out. And everybody was spamming the ‘reset button’ for the newbie boost.

A tool that normally costs money.

Tinder eventually caught onto the resetting madness and took action.

A patch (9.0.0).

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The patch came down on the reset abusers like a ton of bricks.

Suddenly, resetting your Tinder account could get you shadowbanned.

By some algorithmic magic, Tinder could keep track of you after you deleted your account.

So the dating app knew exactly how often you reset your account. And how long you waited between resets.

Tinder excused the occasional reset. Although the dating app no longer gave ‘soft resetters’, a free newbie boost.

But if you reset your account only to create a new one seconds later, the ban was guaranteed.

The worst thing?

You couldn’t see if you were banned.

Even today, Tinder refuses to tell you if you’re shadowbanned.

To you, the app looks the same as always.

But actually, it’s not. The difference is that nobody can see you.

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So you don’t get matches.

Now to answer the question:

Is it smart to reset your Tinder account?

Resetting is a last ditch resort. And I don’t recommend it unless you have nothing to lose.

When would that be?


“When there’s no one new around you.” If you live in a populous city and get that message, you’ve probably been shadowbanned.If you haven’t been active for a long timeIf you’re unhappy with your Tinder resultsAnd most importantly, if you uploaded new and improved photos.

However, if you reset without giving your Tinder profile a facelift, chances are you will end up in the same place as before the reset.

Upgrading your dating profile is easier said than done.

That’s why I made the Dating Profile Checklist.

And I’m giving it to you for free.

The Checklist tells you exactly what’s wrong with your profile and how to fix it.

Find the Dating Profile Checklist here.

If you’re still not sure whether to reset Tinder, continue to the next tip.

#4: Pros and cons of HARD resetting your Tinder account

After this tip you’ll know if a hard Tinder reset is right for you.

Because I put the pros and cons of resetting Tinder into two neat columns.

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Note: A ‘hard’ reset is different from deleting your account and signing up with the details. A hard reset is when you go nuclear.

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