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7/2/ 2021 Can not connect Thunderbird and Gmail. Imap, win10, current Tbird version 78.. Had to change gmail password now can’t verify (though I can on bluemail). A window opens asking me to login to gmail – enter gmail address click and rather than go to password am asked for email address again. And again and again and… So can’t enter a gmail app password. Have tried Oauth, access to less secure apps, and every other archived solution from the last few years. Any help deeply appreciated.

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this happened to me, had to make setting in gmail site and set account to allow less secure apps.some apps like boomerang have pop that intergrates. with gmail and its secure key setting. TH does not . However I like the TB/Mozilla/Seamonkey interface so i can sort and export emails as eml(backup can use with any email client) and save to my usb , came in handy when had new pc.

CONNECTED – Thanks to all for responding. I just set up the account for the third time and it worked. I’m happy with that but I don’t actually know why. The only difference was I unchecked ‘”save password” when setting up the account – which shouldn’t have made a difference. I then received the notification from google asking for confirmation and then all was well.. Sorry I don’t know what the magic ingredient was. THANKS TO ALL ON THE BOARD!

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Thanks for the response. I’ve deleted the password and twice have deleted the account on Tbird and added the gmail account back. Still no luck. Must be something I’m overlooking but can’t find it.

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Accept cookies in TB Options|Privacy & Security, set authentication to OAuth2 on incoming and outgoing, remove entries from Saved Passwords, restart TB, enter account pw (not app pw) in OAuth2 window.

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Thanks for responding. I’m stuck as I can’t get to the enter password screen. Instead, a login window pops up asking for the gmail address, which I enter – but the window refreshes and asks again for the email address. I can’t get beyond it.

curious if anyone else is having the same problem – no access to the password form?


Thunderbird is a free email application that’s easy to set up and customize – and it’s loaded with great features!

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