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Android offline messaging apps can send a message without data connection. offline messaging is the best solution to receive your messages even if you have problems with network connectivity. When you’re away from home or mobile network coverage, offline messaging apps communicate over the mesh network.

here is the list of the best android offline messaging apps, which can deliver the message without wifi or mobile data connection.

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1. fire chat

firechat is an innovative offline messaging app for android. This offline messaging app uses bluetooth and wifi point to point to establish a mesh network to transmit data. it works by bouncing signals from one device to another until it reaches the recipient.

as a result, the more people use firechat, the bigger and faster the network will be. is an ideal app to use on a school campus and public transportation where large groups of people are easy to find. This app claims to communicate by using the iPhone’s built-in radio. The maximum radius firechat can reach is 210 feet. This app supports peer-to-peer communications. technically, this app offers wider coverage when more people use firechat in a location.

offline messaging mode: between peers using bluetooth/wifi and internet.

features: travel messages within a radius of 210 feet | encrypted communication | download from playstore: firechat

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2. bridge

bridgefy is an offline texting app. bridgefy app allows you to communicate fully encrypted messages with other people without internet connection. You can send data directly to other phones within a range of 230 feet/75 yards using Bluetooth. There is also a Wi-Fi network mode that allows you to connect with users through your Wi-Fi network that does not provide mobile data.

bridgefy also enables mesh network communications, with unlimited hops. mesh mode allows you to use peer-to-peer communication. this is exactly like firechat, which is creating a network in a group of people. mesh mode communicates by creating a network with available users. you can transmit with this application to a group of people, very useful for emergency alerts.

offline messaging mode: peer-to-peer via bluetooth and internet

features: travel messages within a radius of 330 feet | support mesh mode | broadcast mode support | download from playstore: bridgefy

3. the serval mesh

The serval mesh application aims to create direct connections between cell phones. connections are made through their Wi-Fi networks. there is no need for a mobile operator while meshing with wifi. the multi-mesh application uses a store-and-forward system called a rhizome. the rhizome can achieve long-distance communication with minimal mesh connections.

serval mesh is open source software. this allows you to make private phone calls, send messages and secure data. an ideal app to use in remote areas or during a disaster.

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offline messaging mode: point to point wifi direct with mdp encryption | download from playstore: serval mesh

4. walk

the hike is a lively messenger that has tons of fun features including offline texting. has live filters for your photos. More than 5000 free stickers to express all your emotions. chat themes that allow you to customize your chat window to suit your mood.

There’s even a feature that allows you to hide all your private chats, making them accessible only with a password. In the absence of the Internet, the connection walk can transmit data to other users within 100 meters. if in case the recipient has disconnected his internet, the application delivers the message in the form of a normal sms.

offline messaging mode: point to point wifi direct with ssl encryption | download from playstore: walk

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5. signal offline messenger

signal offline is a wifi direct messenger that works by sending a signal to discover nearby devices. the user list shows surrounding devices. active devices are shown in color while inactive devices are shown in grey.

signal offline messenger can work up to a range of 100 meters and the data is encrypted. Wi-Fi direct data transfer occurs at 250 mbps. this ensures that all images and videos can be transferred at high speeds without any modification.

offline messaging mode: point to point wifi direct with end to end encryption | download from playstore: signal offline messenger

6. heather

When you’re traveling out of town, or you’re a businessman who wants to always communicate with your mobile, the briar app can help you. brian can send messages even in the data blind spot area via bluetooth. briar does not have a central server concept. all messages are synced directly between users’ mobile devices with the briar app.

When your phone doesn’t have a data connection, briar’s offline messaging app can use bluetooth or wifi to transfer messages between phones. briar app is prioritizing users privacy. this application communicates through the tor network when connected to the network.

offline messaging mode: between peers using bluetooth/wifi and internet.

features: user or network for privacy | encrypted communication | download from playstore: briar

7. whatsapp

whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messaging services that exist today. WhatsApp app uses a store and forward technique to transmit messages. when a user sends a message, it first travels to the whatsapp server where it is saved. the server then repeatedly asks the receiver to acknowledge the message. this happens exactly when your phone connects to the internet.

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WhatsApp Offline Messaging

whatsapp’s offline feature allows you to tap the send button even if you don’t have an active internet connection. the message cached in your phone and sent to the recipient when the phone connects to the internet.

offline messaging mode: cached messaging with end-to-end encryption | download from playstore: whatsapp

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additional android offline messaging apps

There are a few more apps that support offline messaging. however, these apps listed below do not support the concept of offline messaging like the apps listed above. however, these apps can be included in the list of offline messaging apps for android.

go to sms pro

With almost 100 million users worldwide, go sms pro is a simple, intuitive and customizable application at its core. offline messaging app comes with hundreds of themes and allows you to encrypt messages to protect your privacy. pay special attention to important contacts by pasting them at the top of the app.

Use go chat support for free messaging and group chat. access the ‘delay sending’ function to correct the wrong messages in time. You can also use the app to identify unknown calls and block spam calls.

download from go sms pro from play store


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Access groupme as the free and easy way to stay connected with the people who matter most to you. immediately start chatting with anyone via their phone number or email address. select the category of notifications you want to receive and mute the others you don’t want.

chat anywhere easily and from your mobile or other devices. you can easily communicate with your desktop or laptop at groupme.com. SMS chat is currently only available in the US. uu. and standard messaging rates apply. Share your important moments through the app and seamlessly relive them anytime.

download groupme from play store


textra is a great offline messaging tool that comes with 180+ material design themes. Simply exceptional in its offering, the app offers multiple bubble styles and a “delay” feature to stop sending any message to anyone. choose the perfect text size from the 21 provided text sizes and customize your preferred theme and bubble color.

fully compatible with android wear and android auto, get instant notifications and quick responses for app users. It also comes with dual sim support to allow devices to send messages without any data from both carriers.

download textra from play store

chew sms

Set your own unique look and customize the look and feel of the app with the help of 100+ themes in Chomp SMS. stop while sending a message and bookmark favorite contacts at the top to send them messages in a second. forward messages without data to anyone in the world.

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Access unlimited customization options that are present for your notification icons, LED colors and ringtones. Add your personal touch by selecting your preferred emoji style from the latest 2700+ emoji styles. Add signatures, text snippets, and a quick response popup to make the app experience easier and more enjoyable.

download chomp sms from play store

handcent next sms

Find the next generation messaging experience with the handcent next sms app on your android device. With a new night mode and popup window, the offline messaging app gives you more flexibility when messaging others. To keep things simple, the app allows you to send a message anywhere and everywhere without the data requirement.

Offering dual sim service support, the app helps people send messages from their device via their two phone numbers. anyone can easily access the app in their own language and send the messages in their preferred language. communicate with people on your pc/mac, tablets and smartphones through the app and its service.

download handcent next sms from play store

sms pulse

pulse sms aims to provide the best texting experience to everyone who uses the messaging app offline. make your conversation more fun with endless per-conversation and global topic options. secure your messages with password protection and have private conversations in the app without any hassle. delay sending messages by allowing you to edit and cancel messages.

preview web links in your message about the app to avoid switching between apps. create autoresponders for your contacts, certain keywords, as well as driving and vacation modes in the app. blacklist spammers and share gifs in your messages with giphy support.

download pulse sms from play store

best offline messaging apps for android

We have seen that most android offline messaging apps use a variety of methods to send messages. some apps like whatsapp use cached messages. others work by transmitting data directly to a user via wifi or bluetooth.

Some applications create mesh networks that grow based on the number of active users. Whether you’re at a crowded festival or during an emergency situation, it’s always a good idea to have a secure means of communication close at hand. Despite their differences, all of the above apps are effective for offline communication.

These android offline messaging apps come in handy when you are in subways, cruise ships and other internet dead zones. With these android messaging apps, you can make sure that you are always connected with your loved ones at all times.

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