Mom of Texas shooting victim who bled out learns daughter would have lived if police acted quicker | Daily Mail Online

mother of texas school massacre victim is told her daughter could have survived after being shot in the back, but bled to death in the 40 minutes it took for police to storm the classroom while the justice department launches an investigation into the police response

  • a texas mother was told her daughter, who bled to death, could have survived the school shooting if police had responded faster
  • Officers took over an hour to break into Robb Elementary School after 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos opened fire, killing 21
  • it only takes five minutes for a human being to bleed to death
  • during an interview sunday, texas sen. ronald gutierrez affirmed that the girl who bled “could have survived” if her wounds had been treated before
  • doctors echoed his affirmation and also said that the victims of Shooting Can’t Wait
  • The Justice Department announced Sunday that it will conduct a critical incident review of the police response to the school shooting

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by natasha anderson and jennifer smith, chief reporter

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