Top 7 best Android tethering apps to share internet

Until now, all smartphone users are aware of the fact that they can share their mobile data connection with a laptop or with other devices via a wi-fi hotspot. If you have a computer that you want to use your smartphone’s mobile data on, this can also be done, but for this you will need a Wi-Fi dongle which will cost. therefore, you need to have usb connection.

usb connection is when your device can function as a virtual ethernet. This can only be done on rooted devices, but with the help of a third party app, you can use this feature on your smartphone. So, if you are stuck because the wi-fi hotspot is not working, or your computer has no wi-fi, then you should try some of the best android tethering apps.

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what exactly do the best android tethering apps do?

These apps not only help you to connect to computer via usb connection, wi-fi or bluetooth connection, but some of them also keep a well-organized record of your data consumption, so here are the best apps of android connection for your smartphone. .

1. pdanet+:

PdaNet- android thethering ap

This application helps you to create a USB tethering connection between your PC and your smartphone. the app is comparatively easy to use. automatically fixes issues like if you don’t have debugging turned on then it will notify you to turn it on. Another advantage of this app is that you can set a password for pinned connections and you can also hide or show the usage. which makes it one of the best tethering apps for android.

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2. foxfi:

foxfi is the mobile connection app that helps you connect your smartphone with your laptop or computer and even works on most carriers. the app is available as free and full version. the free version stops working after limited data. the app clearly shows you the name of the connected devices and you can also see the maximum and minimum speed for your connections.

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3. easy tie:

As you can understand from the name itself, the app is very easy to use and makes the connection process easy. After downloading an installation, you will see if you want to use the connection for mac windows or linux. Just like other apps, you will need to enable USB debugging before you start using the app. you can change dns in this app. The app supports bluetooth connection for linux, windows and android devices.

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4. anchor alternator:

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Connection Switcher makes it easy for you by allowing you to enable one-touch Wi-Fi and one-touch USB connection from your Android device to another device or to a PC or Mac. if we talk about some key features of this app then one of them is that it is completely free to use and it has compatibility even with some older phones because it can work with android 2.2 and above.

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5. secure tether:

If you are still running an older version of windows such as windows xp or windows vista then this application will be useful for you to connect your internet connection on your computer. The best part of this app is that it comes with on-screen instructions for beginners, making it easy for them to set up a USB connection on Mac, Windows or Linux based devices. can be used as android usb tethering to multiple operating systems.

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6. mooring faker:

Another reason to use tethering apps may be that your mobile service provider applies additional charges when they know you’re using your mobile data as a hotspot. This app on our list works differently and can help you hide your data usage like Wi-Fi. The app gives you on-screen instructions to modify some values ​​in the connection settings and when you use the internet on a computer or laptop, your provider will only charge for mobile data. it’s basically a wireless connection app.

so, these were the apps you can use to connect your internet connection on your computer or your other devices. So, choose one of these best android tethering apps and get the internet working on your devices.

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