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With the increased volume of food deliveries to residential mailrooms (especially an increase in commercial foods such as plate, hello fresh, blue apron, etc…), we have had to initiate some mail delivery protocols extra for these same perishable packages.

  • Any perishable food packages must be picked up within 48 hours of notification to the student. Out of an abundance of caution to prevent the consumption of spoiled food, as well as insects and other vermin in the mailrooms, perishable items not picked up within 48 hours will be discarded. These foods spoil quickly and mailrooms do not have enough refrigeration space to accommodate the volume of these packages being delivered.
  • If you plan to be off campus, you should avoid scheduling deliveries of perishable items. talk to the supplier to arrange a delivery date when you are close. If the delivery date is unavoidable and you cannot collect the items within 48 hours, please ask someone else to collect them for you. Please email requesting this accommodation and provide the name of the person who will pick you up. person will need to present a university/government issued ID to confirm identity.
  • If a perishable package is delivered and its contents begin to leak or have evidence of errors or other vermin in the package, the package it will be discarded by our staff immediately, even before the 48-hour collection window. In the event that a package with perishable items is discarded due to leaks or signs of insects/vermin, you will receive an email from the residential mail room staff advising you that the items are being discarded.
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The increase in food deliveries to residential mail rooms is causing problems not only for the person who ordered the items, but also for the other students whose packages are affected by leaks or other contaminated packages near their packages .

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thank you for your cooperation in advance in ensuring the health and safety of the entire residential community.

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