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Best Sound Effect Apps

In the mood for a good laugh? Do you want to prank your friends or family with old school tricks with wacky sounds? try the best sound effects apps for android and ios devices and see how this traditional method still works to invite laughter.

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don’t you like jokes? Don’t worry, these sound effects also work well for editing your music or recordings. You can also create your own ringtone or alarm tone for your device. choose from tons of different effects and enhance your music with just a few taps.

best sound effect apps for android and ios

There is a long list of applications available in the market. but if you don’t want to install a scam on your smartphone, the following list will help you. We have compiled the best applications to add sound effects to your music or recordings. check them out!

1. ultimate soundboard meme

Meme Soundboard Ultimate

download on google play download on the app store

Designed for android and ios, this is a sound effect app that has everything you need to troll. It comes loaded with the best sound effects commonly used in memes, ranging from horn and drum roll to crying and gunshots. feel free to choose an effect that suits your audio.

There are so many things you can do with this tool, like track your touch number, stop the sound at any time, and even organize your favourites. the less mentioned one allows you to easily use the same effect in the next edition.

Spending hours in front of the screen is a lot of fun with this soundboard. thanks to an intuitive interface and user-friendly tools that make it easy to use. Whether you want to create memes or personal ringtones, this is a great app to download to your smartphone.

2. hundreds of buttons & sounds

100’s of Buttons & Sounds

download on google play download on the app store

Make your jokes funnier with funny sound effects. This best sound effects app is dedicated to anyone who wants to share a good laugh with friends or family, thanks to the hundreds of funny and annoying sound effects available in this app.

The latest version includes new updates, such as larger buttons on widgets and apps, removal of location permissions, and bug fixes. you can also find existing features like 400+ buttons, multi-touch capabilities, and easier navigation.

in this app you can find loud and hilarious sound effects in various loops. or you need some prank sounds or dj sounds, this app has everything you need to troll your friends.

With a dark background and large colorful buttons, playing different sound effects brings you a lot of fun. It is also designed with an easy-to-use interface that makes it more entertaining. Best of all, it works fine on most android devices.

3. atmosphere


download on google play download on the app store

find a variety of relaxing sound effects in the atmosphere. this particular app is specifically designed for relaxation, thanks to the calming and relaxing sounds of different environments. just pick a sound you like and immerse yourself in the vibe.

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There is a set of sound effects of various environments, such as forest, beach, city and countryside. you can also find relaxing sounds of water, east asia and many more. combine with relaxing activities such as meditation, yoga or even sleep.

Moreover, this best sound effects app is featured with binaural beats and isochronous tones to set your soul free. it also has the functionality to import your own audio and mix it with preset sounds. this is a great way to help him sleep and relax.

This app is not designed to troll your friends, but it is useful to help you relax. thanks to natural sound effects and artificial intelligence that gives you realistic sounds.

4. rain rain sleep sounds

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

download on google play download on the app store

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Do you need rain sound effects to help you sleep better? get rain sounds for sleeping on your mobile device and fall asleep faster than usual. comes packed with high-quality sounds that are completely relaxing so you can achieve your sleep goals.

There are various rain sound effects to enjoy, from light rain to heavy rain and even rain on a tin roof. It also has a wide variety of natural sounds such as the crackle of the fireplace, the waves of the sea, the purr of cats and even the snoring of shih tzu. all the sounds are made to help you relax.

The good thing about this app is that you can mix various sounds with different volumes. If you are satisfied with the result, save the audio to your device and set it as your personal ringtone. alternatively, you can play it through an mp3 player and play all night long.

There are 35 free sounds available in the free version. If you need more sounds, please upgrade to premium version and you will get 60 extra sounds. save your favorite sounds and play all night to improve the quality of your sleep.

5. ifart


download on google play download on the app store

prank your friends or loved ones with ifart’s fart sound effect. This app has pranked millions and counting, thanks to a vast collection of fart sounds that will make you laugh. there are 35 fart sounds to choose from, including dirty raoul and wipe out.

This free application is completely easy to use as it has a modest interface. You can also find useful buttons with different functionalities including timer button, share button and favorites button. the least mention allows you to save your favorite fart sounds for easy access in the future.

In addition, ifart has the ability to record fart sounds. Enhance your fart collections by recording funny fart sounds and use them to fool your friends. What’s better, it has a sneak attack feature that allows you to set a timer and select fart to play when the timer runs out.

There is also a safety fart feature where you can place the device on a flat surface. any fart sounds selected will play automatically when the phone is moved.

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6. vine meme and soundboard

Meme and Vine Soundboard

download on google play download on the app store

Looking for popular and funny sound effects for memes and vines? This best free sound effects app is worth thinking about because it has a huge collection of unique sounds. swipe through the tabs and find a sound of your favourite.

Whether you want to create a meme or annoy your friends, this tool has multiple options to choose from. just hold any button to access the menu and choose a sound effect. make sure your phone is not on silent so you can hear the sounds clearly.

In addition to a wide collection of sound effects, it has a share button that allows you to share fun sounds with friends. you can also set them as personal ringtone, alarm or notification sound. alternatively, you can save them to your device.

7. voice changer

Voice Changer

download on google play download on the app store

voice changer is one of the best sound effects app that supports various audio effects for a variety of purposes. This app is completely free to download and yet it offers a beautiful interface – enjoy a better user experience when playing with your music.

This tool features customizable sound effects that help enhance your recordings. there are over 20 audio effects to choose from, making it one of the most convenient and easy apps to have fun with music.

The voice changer is not specifically designed for trolling, but it can be your best ally to record voices with high quality sound; Fun sound effects such as giant and alien are also available. thanks to built-in special effects that let you change the effect with just a tap.

Are you done with the recording? you can save the recordings or share them with your followers on social platforms. In addition, it can be used as a ringtone, alarm and notification.

8. environment


download on google play

how about flexing your muscles while listening to natural sound effects? ambience is among the best sound effect apps with which you can find a variety of relaxing sounds from water sounds, night sounds and even rain sounds.

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This tool can be your best ally to improve sleep quality and meditate in peace. High-quality natural sounds are the key to enhancing relaxation, allowing you to fall asleep faster and achieve peace of mind during meditation.

If you can’t get enough sounds, mix in some relaxing sounds and save your creation. whenever you need a relaxing vibe, play it all night. don’t worry, it has a timer in the app that will automatically stop playback when you fall asleep.

When it comes to features, the ambience highlights the individual volume control. it also allows you to mix up to 10 sounds at the same time. if you’re too lazy to make your own combination, ambience has many preset combinations to enjoy.

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9. big button sound effects

Big Button Sound Effects

download on google play download on the app store

annoy your friends with mosquito sound effect on big button. This soundboard comes loaded with a collection of high-quality sound effects of familiar sounds like bicycle horn, baby laugh, mosquito, alarm clock, airplane and many more. prank your friends at the touch of a button.

For your convenience, the sound effects are presented in a large button with an attractive display. all you have to do is touch a button and you will hear the sound. just make sure your device is not muted. but please note that this app is free to download and may contain ads.

The most interesting thing about this soundboard is that you can save your favorite sounds as unique ringtone, alarm and notification. just hold down a button you’d like to save and choose an option to set the sound.

10. scary horror sounds

Scary Horror Sounds

download on google play

scary horror sounds can be the perfect option to fool your scary friends. This sound effect app has a variety of creepy sounds – everyone who listens to it will get goosebumps. if you are looking for sounds for halloween, this tool has everything you need.

all it takes is just one touch. choose a sound button and see how your friends react. You can not only play tricks, you can also set these sounds as ringtones and alarm. are you brave enough to listen to these sounds at night?

This sound effects tool has 40 horror sounds that are perfect for playing zombies or halloween parties. create your favorites list and find the sounds easily.

11. fart sounds prank app

Fart Sounds Prank App

download on google play

this is another fart sound app to annoy your friends. this tool contains a collection of fart sounds that can be played offline. you can find various fart sounds, ranging from long farts to short farts and even funny farts.

dedicated to mischief, this sound application is designed for entertainment purposes only. Whether you want to prank your family or friend, just touch a button and laugh out loud.

This best sound effect app gives you high quality and clear audio which makes it more realistic. With simple navigation, this app is completely easy to use.

12. voice changer plus

Voice Changer Plus

download in the app store

Choose from tons of funny sound effects and voices with voice changer plus. this application is useful to improve your recording in a different voice. just touch a button to play and enjoy the unique sound.

In addition to voice effects, you can choose background sounds. also supports full voice-over and trim control for better audio recording.

This app is completely free to download, but you can upgrade to the premium version. once upgraded, you can get more features and remove ads.

The best sound effect apps allow you to play tricks and have a laugh with an old school method. Are you ready to prank your friends? get your favorite app and become a prank master.

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