Shared drives overview

If you”ve shared Google Drive files with a bunch of people, it can be easy to forget who exactly has access to which files.

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Google Drive makes it very easy to share files with others, and it”s just as easy to see who can access your documents. If you need to double-check who has access to your files—or who may be peeking in without permission—you can easily see the list of users who can look into your files.

Let”s explore how to see who you shared your files with on Google Drive.

How to Check Who Has Access to a Google Drive File

To check the list of people who can see your file, right-click the file in question and click Share.

Selecting the Share option in Google Drive
A window will appear showing you all the people who have access to your file. If you haven”t shared it with anyone, you”ll only see yourself on the list.

If other people have access to the file, you”ll see their name, email address, and what level of permission they have on this list.

The permissions list in Google Drive
How to Add, Edit, and Remove Permissions

If something doesn”t look right in the list of users, you can use this window to add, edit, or remove permissions.

How to Add Someone to the Permissions List

If the person you want to share the file with isn”t on the list, you need to add them first. To add someone, click in the text field at the top that says Add people and groups.

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Here, you can type in the name of someone in your Google account”s contact list. If they”re not in there, enter their email instead.

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Entering someones email for sharing
Alternatively, you can click Change under the section titled Get link, then set the permissions to Anyone with the link. Then, click Copy link and send the link to those you want to share the file with.

Sharing a link on Google Drive
If you want to transfer files from one Google Drive account to the other, you can add your other Google account using this window for an easier time.

How to Edit and Remove Someone”s Permissions

If someone has too much or too little control over a file, click the permission name on the right of their name.

Here, you can select from a few roles. Viewers make the document view-only for that person, commenter allows the user to make comments, and the editor role gives the user the ability to change the content within.

You can also surrender ownership of the file to someone, but beware; once they”re the owner, they can kick you out of the permissions!

If someone is peeking into a file that they shouldn”t see, you can also use this menu and click Remove. When you do this, the selected user can no longer access the file.

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Making Collaboration Easy With Google Drive

Google Drive makes it easy to work with other people on your projects. Now you know how to invite people to share your file, as well as how to edit and remove their permissions.

If you want to get even more use out of Google Drive, be sure to check our tips for managing shared files.

10 Tips for Managing Shared Files on Google Drive Are you still learning the ropes of Google Drive? Here are several tips to help manage your files on Google Drive better.

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