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Before you can send and receive secure emails with in Chrome, you will need to install and activate the plugin, which can be found in the Chrome Web Store. This guide will cover manual installation, activation, and reactivation of the plugin.

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In this article, we”ll show you how to install, activate, and a quickly send a new encrypted email both in a helpful video tutorial below and detailed step-by-step instructions following that.

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System Requirements”s Google Chrome browser extension is compatible with the current and four (4) preceding versions of the Chrome browser. may still function with some versions of Chrome outside that range, but compatibility is not guaranteed or

The rest of our system requirements are the same as those for the Chrome browser itself, which can be foundhere. Scroll toSee operating systems & system requirementsfor details.


Steps to install:

1. Navigate to Email Protection for Gmailin the Chrome Web Store.

2. SelectAdd to Chrome


3. When prompted, click Add extension


4. Once installation is complete, users will receive a brief confirmation and be directed to a page.


If Gmail is open in another tab, we”ll automatically refresh the page for you so that the extension loads.

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1. Once is successfully installed, you will automatically be prompted to activate upon opening Gmail. Select theActivatebutton to begin the activation process.

2. Upon successful activation, you will receive a confirmation prompt. Click Doneto begin sending secure messages!


3. If you are new to, you will receive a brief tour showing you how to send your first secure message. Click Compose to continue.

4. In the Compose window, you can toggle protection on by selecting the toggle in the top right corner.

5. The toggle will turn blue, indicating that the message you compose will be sent securely.

6. A blue gear icon next to the toggle will allow you to add additional security options.

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7. For recipients who may be unfamiliar with protected emails, you can let them know easily and conveniently with an unencrypted personalized message that you are the sender, and that it is safe to proceed with unlocking!

8. Once you are ready, simply hit Secure Sendand your message will be delivered securely. You”re all set! Congrats on sending your first secure email!


You will occasionally be required to reactivate your extension under the following circumstances:

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You”ve cleared your browser”s cache.You”ve reinstalled the pluginYour activation status has expired. For security purposes, will invalidate your activation status every120 days for users accessing their own mailboxes.10 days for users accessing shared or delegated mailboxes.

If your App ID is no longer valid, you can reactivate the extension by simply following one of the two procedures below:

Reactivating the Extension via the ComposeWindowIn Gmail, click ComposeWhere you normally see the toggle, clickActivate

Reactivating the Extension via the Menu IconWhile in Gmail, locate and click the extension icon on Chrome”s menu bar (top-right corner)


Click Activate for to reactivate the extension

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