Top 5 Best Apps to Recover Data from SD Card on Android (2021)

best android app to recover sd card

Finding out that your important files are missing from your android can be devastating. this can happen due to rooting error, hardware malfunction or accidental deletion. Fortunately, there are numerous applications that can help you restore your photos, documents, and videos.

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When creating this list, we made sure to include both paid and free android apps. All programs in this article are also approved by Google Play which means they are safe to use. Let’s go through them and see which is the best app to recover data from SD card.

why should i use android recovery apps?

Data recovery software is used to locate and restore lost or damaged files on your phone in the event of unforeseen circumstances. this is possible because the deleted data still exists on your phone, unless it has been overwritten with new information. you may be able to find your files manually, but this isn’t exactly convenient. a good recovery app will save you time and nerves, which makes it valuable.

Even if you don’t currently have problems, we recommend that you install one. The truth is that all your files are susceptible to damage to one degree or another. You never know when this will happen, so it’s best to be prepared just in case. If your android device is physically damaged, it is still possible to recover your important images and videos stored on an sd card.

How to maximize your chances of file recovery? For best results, you’ll want to act quickly, as your lost data can easily be overwritten by new files. That’s why it’s important to stop downloading and installing new apps. it’s better to turn off the internet for a while, as apps may start updating in the background.

how to choose sd card recovery app

Selecting the right application to restore your files is not as easy as it seems. Before deciding, you must first answer the following questions:

  • 📄 what files do you want to recover? there are a lot of great free recovery apps that can help you restore pictures, whatsapp messages and call logs. however, if you want to recover videos, audio files, and less popular formats, premium paid apps will be more effective.
  • 💰 what’s your budget? are you willing? to pay for a subscription or are you just looking for free recovery apps? Don’t forget that many premium apps offer a free trial that you can use to check which files can be recovered. There are few things more annoying than buying an expensive Android app to recover data from SD card, only to find that it can’t help you. one of them is not receiving a refund. so always try the trial before committing as it can potentially save you a lot of money.
  • ⏱ how much time do you have? in a hurry to retrieve important information? documents or do you have enough time for a thorough scan that is likely to find additional files?
  • ⚙️ want to use rooting? rooting gives users full access to the android operating system. without it, you can only perform a limited scan, which might not find all the files you want to recover. however, rooting your device makes it more vulnerable, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can do more harm than good. If you decide to root your device, make sure you choose the app you absolutely trust, otherwise you might expose your private data.
  • 💡 can this app restore my files? Not all apps support recovery from external memory such as SD cards. be sure to do extensive research before committing.
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top 5 android apps to recover data from sd card

1. diskdigger photo recovery

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

diskdigger is a popular recovery software used to restore lost images from memory cards, android internal memory, hard drives and usb flash drives.

user experience:

we loved diskdigger for its clean and easy to use interface. the app has strong recovery capabilities and can restore up to 80% of files. If some of your data was also stored in the internal memory, you have the option to do a limited scan without rooting. however, doing the full scan also gives you the ability to recover videos. If you root your android device, diskdigger will also give you the option to choose which partition to scan. to find an sd card, look for the folder that ends with /mnt/sdcard/. diskdigger will ask you to specify the types of files it is looking for, which will make it work much faster.

After the scan was done, I had the option to filter files by type and size by hitting the gear icon. selecting the checkbox also allows you to specify the minimum size, which can make your search much easier. once i found my lost photos, the app gave me 3 ways to get them back: save them to the device, save them to an app, and upload to ftp. I chose to save to an app, as this allows me to transfer my data to cloud storage like dropbox, or email it to someone.

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Overall, disk digger is a good free software that is capable of recovering your photos and videos. we also did not find the limit of how many files it can recover. transferring your images is also very convenient, which is a big plus.

2. data recovery

Data Recovery Android

I was a bit reserved about adding this to the list. Due to the generic name of it, I couldn’t find much reliable information about it, but it had a great rating on google play, so I decided to give it a try. the app is marketed as an end as it can recover everything from images and important documents to entire audio and video files.

user experience:

data recovery welcomes you with a minimalist interface that allows you to choose between 4 recovery modes, depending on the types of files you want to recover. the app doesn’t require rooting and scans through your memory pretty quickly. however, I didn’t find a way to scan the specific locations, although you can filter by time and size. this made for a somewhat frustrating recovery process and i wished there was a way to view only the files stored on an sd card. before you restore, you preview each file, so that’s something. after a while i managed to find 3 of the 4 files i was looking for.

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data recovery gives you the option to save files to your phone or upload them to google drive. the second option is reserved for premium users. In addition to recovery, the app also allows you to clean junk files. I wouldn’t recommend this feature as the software crashes immediately after using it. To get the most out of it, you’ll need a premium license, which is reasonably priced. A one-time payment of $12 will give you unlimited recovery, cloud backup, and remove all ads. Considering the price, I’d say it offers decent capabilities, but nothing worth mentioning.

3. easeus mobisaver

EaseUs MobiSaver

Next, we have a product from easeus, a popular company with over 17 years of data restoration experience. mobisaver claims to be the most intuitive android recovery app that will easily find lost pictures, contacts, messages and videos on your sd card and android internal memory.

user experience:

mobisaver has a sleek interface, with 6 recovery modes to choose from. besides sd card, there is also photo & video, call logs, whatsapp, sms and contacts. for this review i just scanned my external memory card which was done pretty quickly. In total, easeus mobisaver supports 9 formats: jpg, gif, tif, bmp, png, mp4, mov, avi and 3gp. the app showed all files located by size, format and date. images also had thumbnails, while contacts displayed the phone number and name, making it easy to navigate.

Although there is a free trial version, it only allows you to restore 1 file at a time, which won’t work for everyone. to use it effectively, you will need to purchase a single license and use routing. the pro version of mobisaver costs $39.95 which is a bit expensive but it offers unlimited restore. Overall, mobisaver didn’t impress me that much, and judging by user reviews, I’m not the only one.

4. dr.fone


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dr.fone is among the most popular recovery applications, with a user base in more than 150 countries. The app was created by Wondershare Technology, a China-based software company. it is marketed as a premium application, offering a solution to numerous data loss scenarios.

user experience:

dr.fone is a paid app, so I went to test it with higher expectations than usual. In addition to photos, contacts, and messages, the app also allows you to retrieve videos from cache. supports many popular formats, such as jpg, png, bmp, gif, mp4, 3gp, avi, mov, and more. dr.fone gives you the option to recover data from cache, so no need to root.

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a great feature that sets them apart from the competition is wireless file transfer between android and pc. simply visit your service online, enter a 6-digit password, and you’re ready to go. dr.fone also offers a recycle bin, which works exactly the same as on mac or windows. if you use it to delete files, they can be easily restored at a later date.

There is also a desktop version of dr.fone, which comes with additional tools. clone will allow you to transfer all contacts to another phone with just 1 click. root guides you directly and safely through the process of gaining root access, while backup will make sure all your important files are backed up to the computer. all this makes dr.fone one of the most convenient recovery applications.

but, the question remains, how effective is it? I deleted some files before installing it to measure its effectiveness, and dr.fone managed to restore about 90% of them. although not perfect, in my case it worked quite well. If you decide to purchase it, a 1-year license is available for $39.95 and includes 1 pc and up to 5 mobile devices. a lifetime license will set you back $49.95. however, if you want to get a desktop version with more tools, be prepared to charge $139.95 annually. All in all, this is a satisfactory recovery application, albeit quite expensive.

5. stellar phoenix data recovery

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for android

Finally, we have an app from Stellar Information Technology, a company from the Netherlands that specializes in data recovery. stellar phoenix data recovery is completely free which made it popular among users.

user experience:

When you first open it, phoenix data recovery prompts you to choose between recovering messages, photos, and contacts. These files can be recovered from SD card and internal memory. the app allows you to preview all files so you are always sure of what you are recovering.

just like mobisaver, you can choose to save files to memory, to an ftp site, or turn on file sharing to send files to apps like facebook, google drive, and gmail. Unlike other entries on the list, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery requires your device to be rooted before using it. the app is pretty good for recovery though you can’t use it to search for lost videos. Despite these minor hiccups, Phoenix Data Recovery is among the best Android apps to recover data from SD card.

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last thoughts

so what is the best app to recover data from sd card? There is no easy answer to this question as it will depend on your needs. Some free applications are quite capable of recovering images and various documents, but it is also true that the premium ones usually give better results. There are pros and cons to each app on this list, depending on your context.

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