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The Important label shows up on the left sidebar, and I want to get rid of it. I can hide it under the “X more” dropdown, but that doesn”t get rid of it but only hides it. Also I don”t want to mess with Greasemonkey scripts, as that also only hides the “Important” label instead of removing it completely.

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Also note that I”m not asking about getting rid of the yellow important markers, or preventing messages from going into the important category, but getting rid of the category itself, completely.


Go to Mail SettingsGo to Inbox tabIn the Importance markers category, select No markersIn the Inbox sections category, at Important, click on OptionsFrom the dropmenu select Remove sectionThis way, you don”t have the markers anymore and you get rid of the category as well.

Also, you might want to set your Inbox type to Classic.

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in the From field, save it. In the save box select Never mark as important and save. That”s it, all new messages should come into your Inbox.



Nemo”s recipe:

I actually like the important label, but Google was marking a lot of material that was in the promo tab as important. yeah, I want to read it, but not in my priority mailbox.

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“Include the words” field can have any search you want in it, but you get a warning flag. Important seems to be set inbound so the warning flag can be ignored.



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If you delete a label and ALL contacts in it, will that also delete those contacts from other labels?
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