Remove formatting in gmail compose window

When you send an email, you can add text formatting to make it a little more interesting than plain text.

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Display Formatting Options

Formatting options won’t appear when the New Message window is first opened. There are two ways to view them.

Click the Formatting options button in the New Message window.


Or, click the Full-Screen button in the New Message window.


Either method will expand the formatting options toolbar. Expanding the New Message window into full-screen mode will also provide a larger window to compose your message.

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Format Message Text

Select the text you want to format.Format the text using the available formatting options.FontFont sizeBold, italics, or underlineText colorParagraph alignmentNumbered or bulleted list


Clear Text Formatting

If you’ve formatted some text and feel that you’ve overdone it, you can remove all formatting from some selected text.

Click the More formatting options button.Click the Remove formatting button.


All formatting is removed from the selected text.


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