REET Exam Cancel or not – Latest news on the REET Paper leak

REET Exam Cancel or not – Latest news on the REET Paper leak will be discussed here. A highly competitive exam will be held on 26 September 2021 in Rajasthan. The Rajasthan Education Board conducts various types of exams to determine the eligibility of teachers. Rajasthan Police Department arrests four individuals who are trying to leak REET results, according to the media. Candidates are now seeking information about whether their REET paper has been canceled. We will provide updates as they happen.

REET Exam Cancel or not

There were approximately 16 lakh candidates who appeared for the Rajasthan Eligibility Entrance for Teachers 2021 examination. It is alleged that exam papers were leaked, and mass cheating occurred. Several allegations have been made by those who took the test.

REET Exam Cancel or not
REET Exam Cancel or not

The government plans to re-examine 600 students once again to ensure fair recruitment. Many students, however, are asking for the actual test to be canceled. On the other hand, students are pressuring the education minister to resign.

To prevent cheating, the government took several measures, such as shutting down the internet. A lot of controversies are now surrounding Rajasthan after all these allegations.

Around 20 government employees and officials have been suspended for allegedly being involved in leaks of REET exam papers. Also, 20 people have been arrested, including 12 teachers, one civil servant, and four members of the Rajasthan Police service.

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REET exam Cancel News

An alleged plan to make dummy candidates appear for the REET 2021 examination was foiled by the Rajasthan Police on Friday.

On Friday, four gang members were arrested by the Rajasthan Police for allegedly making dummy candidates write the REET 2021.

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Date 26 September 2021
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Information about REET Bluetooth Slippers

To cheat on the REET exam, you need to spend Rs 6 lakh on Bluetooth slippers. A cheating racket has been exposed in Rajasthan. The gang revealed fitted devices into slippers so they could cheat on the REET exam. Around 40 individuals were arrested, and over 24 dozen were interviewed. The Rajasthani Police Department detained women with Bluetooth-enabled devices inside their slippers. News outlets reported that the devices cost a total of Rs 6 lakh each.

Slippers – Under the soles of each slipper were a small battery and SIM card as well as a Bluetooth-equipped micro-earpiece to help candidates hear the answers.

Bluetooth Chappal news from REET

On Friday, four gang members were arrested by the Rajasthan Police for allegedly trying to make dummy candidates sign up for REET 2021.

Several people were arrested with 5.60 lakhs in cash in Dausa, according to the Rajasthan Police Department. Police recovered the money from the site, as well as an audio recording of the exam.

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REET cheating matter

In the REET cheating case, the BJP calls for an inquiry by the CBI. It also calls for the resignation of the state education minister. A BJP State Chief in Rajasthan, Dr. Satish Poonia, said the Chief Minister should remove him if he doesn’t.

A state-wide Internet outage lasted almost 12 hours. Numerous students were delayed getting to their desired locations. Due to the irregularities and accusations of cheating, many people are disappointed and are demanding a new teacher recruitment examination.

Is REET Exam canceled, and why?

Now that it is apparent that the REET exam cancel, it is clear that only cheating occurred. Raje said in a statement that the government was still refusing to accept the rigging, despite all the evidence. “Not only REET, but a scam has also been brought to light in RAS, JEN, and SI exams as well.”. It has been announced that Congress is auctioning off jobs.”.

More than 16 lakh candidates appeared in the REET exam on September 26 in two shifts. There were over 30,000 posts available for grade three teachers in this exam.

The government has suspended 13 education department personnel and three other police officers for being involved in suspicious activities and negligence.

The Gehlot administration has been plagued by leaks of government documents and cheating rackets over the past few years. This kind of incident has happened in five major competitive exams in the past year, including SI, NEET, JEN, Grade 3, and now the REET.

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In Rajasthan, where two crucial by-elections for the state assembly are set to be held in a few weeks, the mess in the REET exam is now heating the politics.

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By such issues, the exam is canceled, and the reschedule will be uploaded shortly.

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