Redirecting emails from comcast to gmail

With the prevalence of the tin nhắn platsize, it becomes essential lớn know how khổng lồ configure it on different platforms. With Comcast, you can access all available tin nhắn programs available on the web. The Xfinity tin nhắn account is quite complicated lớn phối up with its SMTPhường và IMAP. E-Mail settings. You must know how you need to lớn configure the Xfinity Comcast email account via POPhường and IMAPhường settings. POP is the oldest protocol for Internet message access, and also a reliable way to organize your email account. However, Comcast IMAPhường settings ensure the convenient use of email on multiple devices.

To set up your Comcast SMTP, you must first have the correct configuration for your Comcast tin nhắn.

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The sending và receiving emails settings while using the gmail are as follow:

Incoming Mail Server Name: Mail Server Port Number:Recommended: 993 with SSL ONOnly if Needed: 143 with SSL ONOutgoing Mail Server Name: Mail Server Port Number:Recommended: 587 (SMTP)Only if Needed: 465 (SMTPS)SSL Encryption: checkedAuthentication: Xfinity or Comcast username and password required

By only setting the POP settings, you could not open your emails on multiple devices, and for this; you need lớn set up the IMAP settings, as it will allow you to organize your emails on multiple devices. 

However, we are here discussing both POP. và IMAP settings and hence providing you the ways to lớn set up both the settings on different platforms, you just need lớn follow the instructions given below:

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Set up Xfinity E-Mail Settings on Windows 10:

First, you need to lớn clichồng on the “All Apps” option from the Start menu.


Now from there, you need lớn select “mail”


You will be then, prompted to lớn the Welcome screen (if you don’t have anything added before)Cliông xã on “Add account”. But if you have already added an trương mục before, you need to clichồng on the Settings ibé from the left corner of the screen.


On opening the Settings thực đơn, select Accounts & then +Add tài khoản.

Scroll down below on the “choose an account” screen và then Advanced setup.On the Advanced Setup, select the second option of Internet Email


Now, you will be prompted khổng lồ set a number of settings. Firstly, you will be asked to lớn add the Account Name- that can be anything of your choice such as “my Xfinity email”. Next, you need khổng lồ provide the email-name that will appear on the “sover from” field. You can fill the first and end name.

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Now, in the “Incoming tin nhắn server” field you need to lớn enter: ibản đồ & then from the “Account Type” drop-down thực đơn you need lớn choose IMAP4.In the “Outgoing (SMTP) gmail server” option, you need lớn enter: smtp.comast.netNext, you need to lớn check all the boxes you see on the next screen. And, then clichồng the Sign-in button.


Cliông xã Done and then Comcast gmail is set on your Windows 10.xuất hiện Outlook on your deviceNow, clichồng on Tools & then AccountsCliông chồng on the “+” inhỏ from the bottom-left corner & then select New AccountNow provide your Comcast tin nhắn address in the respective sầu field and click ContinueCliông xã on the field says IMAPNow, you need to lớn enter the Username & then Password for your Comcast account. Cliông chồng on “Show password”You need to provide the “” in the Incoming Server field & in the Outgoing Server field.Make sure the incoming Port has 993 and the outgoing Port has 465.Now check the boxes say Use SSL khổng lồ connect (recommended)Click on Add Account.Now, tap on Add Another Account and add another tài khoản và then cliông xã Done.And, it’s done

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Configure Comcast E-Mail settings for Gmail:

In case, you are looking to lớn configure Comcast for Gmail, give sầu it a try underneath the given steps.

Go lớn your Gmail login page & enter into lớn your account by entering the correct mix of login id and passwordClick on the cogwheel Inhỏ place on the top-right corner of the page. It will move sầu you lớn the Settings menu.Cliông chồng on the “Account & Import” tab.

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From there cliông chồng on the Add “POP3 E-Mail Account”A pop window will appear with Email address box


Add Your Comcast Email Address here và Cliông chồng on the “Next” option


From the next screen phối up your trương mục password and other settings as well as the mail hệ thống và select 995 port. Select the “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail” boxNow Hit the “Add Account” button.Select if you want to send an email from your Comcast account khổng lồ Gmail và cliông chồng on “Next.”Piông chồng a display name.Cheông chồng the “Treat as an Alias” box. If you don’t check it, the mail you skết thúc will show in your inbox as well as your sent thư mục. When, you are done, hit on “Next.”Select if you want to send your emails from Gmail or Comcast VPS.Now enter your Comcast password one more time và clichồng on Add Account.

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