Ray’S Route Email Guide : Mystic Messenger Email Guide & Answers

On our Mystic Messenger email guide page you’ll find correct answers to every email, from every guest. Now with V and Ray Route (Another Story) answers!

To get a normal or good ending in Mystic Messenger, you must invite guests to the RFA’s party. You need ten or more confirmed guests for a good ending.

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Guests will attend the party if you make more correct than incorrect responses when answering their emails. The correct replies to all emails in Mystic Messenger are listed below.

Guests will email you and initiate conversations if you suggest or agree that they should be invited during Mystic Messenger chat room sessions, and very rarely during visual novel segments.

The guests are listed in alphabetic order by their username, which begins with the
symbol. Use CTRL+F or your browser’s in-page search function to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

While Casual and Deep Story share a common pool of guests, Another Story emails are different. You’ll find them in their own section at the bottom of the page – but CTRL+F (desktop) or find on page (mobile) will take you right to them.

Need more help to unlock endings, get on the right route or impress your favourite chat buddy? You can find walkthroughs, tips and other resources on our Mystic Messenger guide hub.

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Most specifically, if you’re looking for where to unlock email guests, check out the Mystic Messenger chat times schedule, or check in with the walkthroughs on our Mystic Messenger character guides.

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I saw it onYoutube!The face of a generous looking granfa… I mean, you , the owner!Cheese is the way of the world!


The rock band Imagine Mythical CreaturesLimited edition title change ticketCreate a banner of the winner.


Borborry~It is VerragamoFlower bed of pretty boys



There’s this person called Jaehee….Games with soda as prizes.It’s because you’re too smart.


I wanted to help you.I want to go see a movie, but I don’t have anyone to go with. What do I do?I really hope you come to our party.


A rainbow colored floppy disk model.Windows 8.1 3711 disks.Obtain a limited edition cassette tape and hide it.


Wow! Amazing that I get to talk to God!I am your daughter.I think you’ll walk into the party room like a normal person.

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Lots of people with warm hearts!Rice, soup, green salad, backed salmon, fried eggsSell Small Issue Magazine


Maybe… maybe… Diamond Pharmaceuticals…?It’s Diamond Pharmaceuticals.Diamond Pharmaceuticals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The best of all pens in the nation, BIK.“Sear the end with a lighter.”Classic is best

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Zen.This production of “The Red Pepper Was So Hot”Get the help of college student.


Yes, there is injustice going on so please come to our party and help us!There’s no story of a magical girl who’s not violent.It’s cool… Completely suits you

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